Hello. How are you today? I was really fortunate to be signposted to Headway by a very knowledgeable colleague who identified my symptoms as something they could support with. I have only rang a couple of times as I appreciate this resource should be for those that need it and having someone understand, believe and advise was brilliant. I was told about this resource and having battled with site technicalities, have finally signed up. So hi.

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  • Hi and welcome to us lot.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi and welcome.

    It is great your colleague could see the symptoms and refer you to Headway. All too often Headway is found later on, not routinely informed at discharge from hospital. Well this certainly was the story in my case.

    Headway is a service to use as much as needed. From your introduction, you are in need of support and advice


  • Thank you Sem2011. I do hope you are well.

  • I am thank you x

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