Matt's splash for cash for Headway Portsmouth

Again, here is my link for my sponsored swim.

I'm going to keep on posting until I have done the swim. Well if I want to reach the £150 target, I'm gonna have to share, share... And share again :).

I've actually made £138.64p so far. The last doner was from an American friend of mine. He donated $50. I think that's around £22-£26.

I met this American friend earlier this year, not face to face though (So I didn't exactly meet him at all) but there is an app I play on the iPad called "Clash of clans" and I and a schoolfriend made a clan on there and various other players from around the globe have joined the clan.

That is how I "met" this person and I have now added him as a friend on Facebook. He saw my justgiving page and wanted to donate.

I didn't realise he was going to donate $50 but I thank him very much for that :).

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  • Hope you get there Matt ! xx

  • Thanks :). I hope so too. I'm only £12 away now, so pretty close.

    Oh, $50 in English pounds is actually £38.

    The donation made before my American chum made the total £100 and after he donated it came to £138.64.

    Plus I googled it and that showed £138.87. Think there may be a few pennies difference.

  • well done for making a spalsh!

  • Thank you H :).

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