Cranioplasty tomorrow!

Be having cranioplasty tomorrow I'm scared about all of the risks as he is so so so well right now I don't know how I will cope tomorrow sat waiting whilst he goes in does anyone know how safe this operation is and what are the most common risks and how likely the bad risks are I'm petrified did anyone else have intrusive thoughts about something really bad happening? Xxxxxx

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  • Hi Lola. I think intrusive thoughts are fairly common in situations where surgery is involved because we have a natural curiosity along with all kinds of fears yet, at the same time, we don't have the knowledge required to keep those thoughts rational and ordered.

    So we try to repress them, which just allows them to build up even more 'til they become invasive and troublesome.

    It's almost impossible to keep scary ideas from darting in & out of our minds at such a stressful time as when a loved one is undergoing surgery. It's probably one of those times when all you can do is grit your teeth and hope for the best possible outcome .................... and there's every reason to believe that will be the case.

    I'll be thinking of you m'dear. Be strong, and put your trust in the brilliant surgeons who will perform your husband's op with all the care and skill and experience at their disposal.

    All best wishes Lola ; please come back with news when you can. Love Cat xx

  • Thanks so much Cat what a lovely message to wake up to I think your right I've been trying to suppress them and they just keep coming up not long now xxxxxxx

  • Good morning. I dip in and out of the site now and then, and saw your message this morning. My husband had his cranioplasty 3 years or so ago, and I must say it went very smoothly, without any problems, or any after effects really, so I really hope your mind is easier now.

    He had a SAH and stroke in 2012. The scars are amazing (he told the grandchildren he had been bitten by a shark, which went down well!!!) but once the clips came out, it all healed quickly and now only really shows when he has a short haircut.

    The side of his face / head is a bit misshaped, and there is a little bulge which I believe is a build up of fluid, but it has never troubled him at all.

    Sending you every good wish, and I look forward to hearing that all has gone well, and that your husband is well on the road to recovery

  • Thank you so much for replying where did your husband get his find I am in queens medical in Nottingham. How long did the surgery take I think this will be such a nerve racking wait but your words have made me feel a lot better xxx

  • Hi there. So pleased I have been of some help. We were in Hull Royal at the time, as we lived in East Yorkshire, but we have since moved to Hinckley, Leics., so not so far from you. I don't think the surgery took too be honest I can't remember, so much has happened!! He initially was in surgery for 7 hours or so when he had his ruptured aneurysm and then the craniotomy, so the cranioplasty seemed very quick. All the very best to you, and please let me know how things go.

    Best wishes, Jenny

  • Did it help him with his recovery?

  • Hi Lola you will be fine!

    I had a crainiplasty about 7 years ago!

    I remember the anisthetic making me feel rough!

    The only issue I had was the nurse took my stitches out too warly and you could see the metal plate through my skin but it was fixed

    Good luck x

  • Thankyou ! How long did your surgery take and did you have any infections or anything there's no statistics anywhere to say how common complications are so I'm unsure what to expect etc! Where did you have yours done?

  • I can't remember how long the operation lasted if I had to guess as state about 2 to 3 hours!

    They kept me in hospital for about a week after the surgery where they put you on antibiotics to ensure there is no infection,

    My operation was John at Salford Royal in Manchester.

    I think with any operation where they give you general anaesthetic the risks are with the anaesthetic and of course potential infections but they will probably give you a course of antibiotics to prevent that

    Don't worry you will be fine good luck


  • Thankyou! I've just seen him he has a big bandage round his head and was talking but looked very tierd xxxx

  • Good luck with hos recovery!

    Lost of rest and junk food helps!


  • Hi Lola

    Just a quick one to remind you we are all thinking of you both at this time! I had my cranioplasty back in 2012 and can honestly say it was great to get it done! No more helmets every time I got to my feet, no more stares and feeling I had to explain why I had to wear it ( must admit to often saying I was giving up skateboarding etc to see their reactions lol). Seriously though even though one side of my head is like the moon crater my hair grew back as thick as usual and only my hairdresser and me know what's really under there!

    I had my 'incident ' in Australia in 2011, the 'repair' in 2012 and was on the long haul flight back home in 2013. So like Cat said, put you faith in the brilliant surgeons working in our field and remember it's natural to worry in these circumstances as they are outside our control. I know my family felt as you do and just wanted the waiting over. It was another big step on the road to adjusting to my new lifestyle but you cannot imagine the confidence it gave me! So I am sure your husband will have the best possible outcome and you both will be pleased once it's done and it's one less thing to worry about! Don't forget to let us know how it all went, take care!

    Lots of love

    Marian x

  • Thank you so much hell be called into theatre in half an hour so nearly there now I just can't wait to put all this behind me I swear I'll be the happiest person in the world when he recovers from this ! Thanks again for messaging this has put my mind at ease with all these positive stories I just can't work out how major this surgery is you know in comparison to other surgeries xxxxx

  • Thanks so much for all of your help he will be discharged tomorrow I hope it doesn't get infected so going to really clean the house xxxx

  • Hi Lola, thinking of you both and wishing you all the very best. x

  • Thinking of you both Lola and hoping to hear from you soon. After replying to you last night I watched a cranioplasty operation on YouTube.

    It was an emotional experience knowing it was an actual person having the procedure, but I'm so glad I watched it because it was fascinating.

    Not for everyone I understand, but I imagined it was your man after everything was a complete success !

    Hope all has gone really well today. xx

  • Hi cat,

    His procedure is finished and he is in recovery. I've been waiting for 2 hou

  • Rs and they said now hel be coming up to the nspuu ward xxxx

  • Hi he is out now on the ward bandage off and he will be discharged tomorrow ! I'm excited and a lil nervous I hope I can look after him well enough!! Xxxx

  • I'm sure you'll spoil him rotten Lola !

    Great news ; I'm really happy for you both. Keep us updated won't you ..................... xx

  • Hi everyone boyfriend home now from cranioplasty! 😃 Does anyone know how to clean the wound or shall I just leave the dry blood on there? Also how long before swelling goes down xxx

  • It's safe to use antibacterial soap Lola. Wash your hands with it first, then rinse, then work up a lather and pat the suds all along the scar. Leave for 20 mins then rinse and pat dry with clean towel.

    Hope you're both getting on ok. I've been reading how there are all kinds of annoying/unusual symptoms & sensations after this procedure, not to mention the fatigue ! So hope you'll keep on updating us on your man's progress (and yours Lola !). Love Cat x

  • Yes he's been surprisingly well after but strange sounds in his head!!! I will keep updated and hope you are good too xxxx

  • There's plenty of info in Google about clicking/annoying sounds after this procedure ; can take quite a while to settle but stops when healing's fully completed ! ............................. I'm ok thanks Lola. xxx

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