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Help getting employers to understand


I read with interest the post about getting remploy to help when employers dont understand. I have posted on here before. My head injury, fractured skull happened when I was knocked over in 1972 aged 7. For years I have struggled with jobs, as I said in previous posts. My confidence is rock bottom, as most people here will know the feeling. I know I'm not stupid, I just take longer to grasp how to do stuff at work. My friend summed it up as a sort of mental dyslexia. Would I be able to ask remploy if I needed to explain to an employer? At the moment I do the invoices and office work for my husband's small business, but I know when he retires in two yeas I will have to look for a job (to keep the wolf from the door!) and I'm dreading it.

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Yes, ask them for help/appointment. Their remit is to help disabled people stay in or find work.

Good luck


My son has the same sort of problems from a TBI. I suggest that you start looking for a part-time job right away doing similar work to what you are doing for your husband's business. Here in Florida we have a large grocery chain that makes a point of hiring people with disabilities. Perhaps there is a company in your area that has a more inclusive outlook on hiring. Also if you have the time, volunteering for a few hours a week at an organization might give you a foot in the door if they had a paid opening later. At least you would be meeting people and networking. I haven't read your previous posts so I apologize if I am suggesting things that are inappropriate. Wishing you God's blessings.

Thanks Moo and GrandmaM. I will keep in mind what you say. I do volunteer but at the moment it's just for a dog charity. I'll maybe look at some charity shops, so to get some experience

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