Scared 😓

I have been reading all your post,my story is abit different as it was my mum who had an aneurysm,and the hospital said it could be hereditary and i should get it checked,but not sure how to go about it will the doctor automatically refer me,perhaps I'm just panicking as she died a week later at kings in London after two operations,I have never been so scared,they say the cause was subarachnoid haemorrhage,, rup

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  • i would make an appointment with your gp for advice as i had an aneurysm back in april and at no time did they ask about my children and advise they have a check up but i would check anyway

    sorry losing your mum bless you xxxx

  • thank you it was a bad time it only been a year,but have recently been getting alot of dizzy spells and feeling as though something not right but have to wait until the 10thoctober for appointment,I have been forgetting thing alot too,to my partners annoyance,

  • Bailey welcome and I'm glad you found us.

    Please go to your GP and make them refer you to have it checked out.

    Have a chat with the lovely people at the Headway helpline.

    How long is it since your mum died? What other family do you have to support you with this?

    Love n hugs


  • lost my mum last year aged 71,she gad never been ill never went to doctors,so it was a big shock,

  • Please do get it checked out.

    At least it will help you to stop worrying about the unknown.

    I did mean to say I'm sorry for your loss.

    Love n hugs


  • thank you all its been nice to be able to talk about my concerns,they said at hospital its was ruptured cerebral aneurysm,,and then subarachnoid haemorrhage but I wasn't even sure at the time what all these words even ment,but I'm pleased to have found people I can talk to,,

    . Thank you all xx

  • a lot of that could be all the stress you have been under but deffo get advise from headway to put your mind at ease before your doctors appointment


  • thank you think I just need some reassurance,and its been a tough year for me, x

  • I had a SAH 4+ years ago and a few months later my daughter spoke to her GP about being tested. She was given the option of an scan, or to just get on with her life and not concern herself with something which might never happen. She chose the latter.

    Whatever the future holds we have little or no control over, so if my daughter were to discover she had an aneurism she could probably have it monitored but it would still be a 'wait & see' situation. Meanwhile the anxiety of knowing would rule her life.

    It's estimated that there are probably thousands of people walking around with aneurisms in their brains whilst living normal everyday lives and never being aware of a problem, so you could be diagnosed with an aneurism which was never going to harm you, and spend your life worrying unnecessarily.

    I'm so sorry your mum didn't survive her haemorrhage my dear ; it's stressful enough for loved ones of those who do survive, so it's quite likely that your symptoms are those of anxiety and shock from what happened to your mum.

    You won't be offered screening as you won't automatically be assumed at risk.

    I think perhaps you need to allow yourself to fully grieve for your mum before pursuing this any further.

    All best wishes to you, Love Cat xx

  • thanks cat that was very helpful,,

  • Bailey-

    If you have unusual symptoms, you do need to get yourself checked out, just as a preventative measure, start with your GP, and advise them of your family history. I asked the question outright about my son, I had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage (Which is doctor-code for a bleed inside the skull.) as a result of a ruptured Anterior Communicating Artery aneurysm roughly 18 months ago. My ex-husband's mother died as a result of a brain haemorrhage, back in the 1970's, when diagnostics and treatment weren't so good.

    Given that my boy had two relatives who'd had haemorrhages, I asked the question, and my neuro-consultant advised that he wasn't at any additional risk. That was a weight off my mind.

    I'm sorry for your loss, and hope you can find your way.

  • I finally went to doctors he wants to sent me for scan,aslo I had bloods done and have to have b-12 injections starting tomorrow,still getti g headaches

  • Just carry it through, Bailey, the NHS is fantastic, but it can take a few trips between departments before you're in the right place, at least you're in the system now.

  • thanks that's good to know don't know how long I have to wait for appointment though,I have had a lot of problems with my ears as well,wil be back to let you all know how I goes x

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