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Hi, I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage end of nov and a vp shunt fitted 3 days before Xmas. Have only been home for 6 days and I'm scared as I can hear swishing noises in my ears like when you put a shell to your ears and a niggling headache.

My questions are: is this normal? Can I arrange district nurse visits to check on me and if so, how?

Please bear with me as I'm a newbie and I've got tins of questions.....I'm so frightened it will happen again x

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Hi Charlii, can't answer about the district nurse or have you tried your doctor yet. My BI was last march and my ears almost always feel as though they are pressurised, like when taking off/landing in an aeroplane. Occasionally if I hold my nose and then 'blow' through it while holding, I find that helps for a while to clear the pressure. I have an appointment to see a Doctor on Tuesday so hope he will have a look for me.


Hi Charli, We are all old hands here for brain problems. I had mine in 2004, so nearly 10 years. I too had that bunged up feeling until all of a sudden everything cleared. I still feel dizziness every time I stand up. You say you are frightened it will happen again, so I can only assume yours was a medical problem. Mine was caused by a third party, I was attacked. All you can do to prevent things happening "again", is not to make the same mistakes again. Everything happens for a reason.



I am from the other side - the carer (husband has an ABI from 20+ years)

I don't have any specific experience of your condition but I am told I am a good listener.

The Headway helpline is probably where you'll get the specific advice you are seeking.

By the way, you look very glam in your photo. :)

Best wishes


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Hi charlii. I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage at birth due to prematurity, and as soon as was practical I was fitted with the first of many shunts. I'm now in my 30s. Unfortunately.... a "residual" headache is not uncommon even after you've had a shunt fitted, and hearing noises like fluid is in places that it really shouldn't be can happen too...

I've recently joined an organisation called SHINE - whose purpose is to support people with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus, and one of the primary ways they do this is through being there to answer questions and try and allay fears, to promote independent and active lives. I have found their website, and the support they offer very helpful - despite not being "new" to the condition... having had it all my life. They have a range of factsheets explaining in clear language what different types of hydrocephalus are, and what the most common "warning signs" are that a shunt is going wrong... They also have a special fact sheet that you can give to your GP (many GPs do not have an extensive knowledge of shunts. The factsheet has space for you to record contact details of the doctor who you saw for your shunt surgery so a GP can contact them for advice)

You may also want to speak further to the nurse advisors on the Headway helpline regarding subarachnoid haemorrhages, as that may help to ease your fears in that area.

And of course should you wish to message me, please feel free to do so.


dont e scared the headaches come with it i said i fealt it sounded like i was in swimmingpool under water that passed but still got the headaches sorry were all different im alone i was scared to death to still am i guessmine wa 2010 sept i et lady at the vets shed had ame she was fine realy well i had complications she didnt but my complications happened just after operation its awfull but i sure youll be fine like the lady i met get rest and 3lts water yuck i no take care


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