I'm scared

Hello, I was wondering if anybody might be able to help me?

I am about 9 and a half months into recovery, doing great (physically) until now.

I bumped heads with my friend last friday when she went to hug me, it did hurt a little at the time and I am getting so so paranoid about it.

I have contacted Headway via email, because I know they offer support for things like this? But I was wondering if anybody could relate/reassure me?

I guess if I had done any damage it would've shown signs on the night, but mentally I've taken quite a blow.

I am a little achey occasionally since we bumped heads and it has sent me into a panic every time I notice it.

I am terrified that I will undo all the good work the doctors did and my recovery so far. :(

Can anyone relate/ suggest anything?

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  • might be helpfull to have more details,do you have a soft spot? (i.e, a hole in your skull?) or a shunt? we are not experts,but happy to offer support,or maybe you should contact your g.p

  • I had a loose bone flap, but seems to have healed okay.. yes I think I will if it continues to stress me out. :)

  • You sound worried enough that you should go and get checked out by your gp.

  • Skulls are pretty tough and will only break from forceful contact with a heavy object. You'll probably feel more vulnerable to injury since the craniotomy but that will have healed within 4 - 6 weeks and, at the 9 month point which you have reached, your skull will probably be stronger than ever.

    Think about how many times you've banged your head in the past and it's hurt for a few days afterwards. Unless you've had nausea or dizziness I think you should stop worrying......................and it's good to hear you've progressed so well since your op.

    Best wishes Cat x

  • it's probably anxiety which is easy to do, I still refuse to let the hairdressers trainees massage my head and so on, I know it's fine it's been years since I had a fractured skull.

    If you are worried, maybe one of the drop in centres? to check you out?

  • id recommend for your own peace of mind you go and see your gp

  • Could you chat to your gp in a phone appointment?

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