Great north run

Great north run

Hi everyone!

Today I'll be taking part in the Great North Run half marathon in order to raise money for the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, a small local charity based in Salford who play an important part of helping people to rebuild their lives after brain injury. Any donations will be greatly appreciated! Text "ANTM66 £1" to 70070 (without the quotation marks) or visit my fundraising page:

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  • Good luck and will keep an eye out for you xx

  • Hi Barny. Just contacted 'justgiving' as my PayPal payment isn't going through so they're getting back to me later. I'll let you know when it's sorted !

    Meantime, all best wishes for your run. I hope all goes well and you enjoy the day. BASIC is just next door to where I was treated (Salford Royal of course) so has some poignant memories for me. Cat xx

  • Good grief Anthony, what a job trying to donate ; finally managed it @ 9.45pm after trying all afternoon ! The 'Justgiving' site needs some work !

    Anyway, hope the run went well and you're feeling proud of yourself. Just sorry there were so few responses from Headway ??

    Please let us know how it went today. ;-) xx

  • I used Paypal with no probs on laptop, Cat ( apart from having to redo my password as I forgot it lol ! ) Maybe a prob at your end ? x

  • Never had any problem on other occasions Angela but, this morning it rejected my password several times despite it being typed correctly, then it wouldn't save my message, then the payment link wouldn't work. So I contacted them but they didn't respond as they promised.

    Tried again several more times tonight and eventually it went through after some really bad expletives !

    Oh well, got there in the end..................

    Hope you're doing ok m'dear :-/ xxx

  • The main stuff is stable thanks so can't complain : ) x

  • Sorry you had so much trouble donating Cat! That's the last thing I wanted, I've only ever donated via debit card without any problem, so don't know about paypal. Anyway, I'm glad you were finally able to donate and thank you so much! :)

  • It was fine once I reverted to my debit card ; but PayPal wasn't having any, even though I use it regularly.

    Anyway, all's well and the main thing is you've raised funds for BASIC entirely under your own 'steam' so well done again, and a pleasure 'doing business with you' !! Glad the weather was kind to you all. xx

  • Really, well you're always welcome to drop by for a cuppa!

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