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Good morning everyone,

Tomorrow I have got to go to Kings College hospital for an EEG, following the second seizure I had in June. The consultant I saw said it may not have been one, but due to the area if my injury I am at a higher risk of them. So this test will maybe show something. The reason I'm posting g is because I am feeling anxious about it. I am also on the train to work and just passed the hospital. It brings it all back each time from when I was in there 10 days with the injury. I should get a grip really. I just wish I didn't feel like this, we all have to return for check ups and tests don't we.. It's strange how just even passing the place sends me into tears almost. Anyway, just wanted to get that out of my system really. Have a good weekend all and take care xxx

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Best wishes for the EEG tomorrow. It's good that you are getting checked for fits. I can empathise with the feelings/emotions that seeing or going to the hospital that you were in triggers. I get similar feelings but over time, and having to go there for other things for my son as well as me, the strength of those traumatic feelings has lessened. But it always makes me think about it.

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Hello Ro 76, Jules here.

Thinking of you for your appointment.

I was in Lincoln the time of my crash, so Lincoln hospital treated me. Miles from home.

Most of my consultants were either in London or Lincoln (I live up North in Newcastle upon Tyne) and I too know the feeling of passing the hospital 'where it happened', time after time.

I don't have to do that now, but even if someone mentions Lincoln, it all comes back and its been 6 years this October. As our other friend Strawberry says, it gets a little easier, but never deleted from your emotions/memory.

I hope at your appointment it goes the very best it can and that you manage to find some extra strength for what will be a difficult time.

Please let us know how things go - I know a lot of people are sending you so much good luck, it must make a difference.

Kindest regards Ro 76



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By the time you read this you have probably realized there is nothing to it apart from messing the hair with those horrible gel like things they stick on your scalp to hold the wires in place.

Hope you are not going to work after!!!

When I've gone back for appointments I get teary sometimes especially if I go to the appointments on my own at least when someone is with you it keeps your mind on other things.

Even a Dr's appointment sometimes turns me emotional I'm fine till I step in the surgery doors its always been a thing with me even before I had my ops.

Probably would have saved myself a lot of trouble if I hadn't had those feeelings and hope everything went well:)

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Thanks for the replies, it's interesting to hear gabimou that this will not be anything to worry about. I think it's more because it'll be in the same area where I stayed there. My mum is coming with me so I think of her and what memories it brings back. No I am not at work after, I'm fortunate to have a weekend day when i'm not working. Otherwise I'd have had the day off.

Well, today's the day... Off I go.



Well the appointment went ok, the nurse was very nice and talked to me lots which helped calm me. It did feel very strange to have all the wires glued to my head. Then once laying down and with eyes closed I did begin to calm down. The part I didn't like was with the light in front of my face. It flashes in different settings until it's like strobe lights. The whole thing was filmed too, in case a seizure happened. Bit I was fine. The only part she wouldn't do was the deep breathing. She said due to my bleed she didn't think it was appropriate as it can put pressure on the brain. I now have to wait 10 days and if I don't get a call it means all ok. Then I may hear nothing. I want to know either way to be honest. Anyway will see.... xx


Glad it went ok even those rubbery things they stick on your scalp for the wires.

I never laid down when I had mine done but had to sit in one position only ,either with my feet on a foot stool or with my feet on the floor.

I understand you wanting to know either way I had to go private so my results where collected after a few days so the waiting wasn't so bad to be known to take to my Neurologist.:)


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