PIP reassessment

I can't believe how difficult these forms are and I am very scared that my income is going to be cut more than in half in exactly 16 days.

When I did the original forms I had ALL of the help from a friend who I'm no longer in contact with (hi poor social skills). I sat down on the weekend all calm and with a cup of coffee thinking that the form isn't so big, I can do this, but 3 hours later I'm near breaking point, hopes shattered, fears overwhelming, you know how it is.

There's someone at my local brain injury centre (BASIC in Manchester) who helps fills in forms and I want to be able to take a first draft to him but don't think that this will be possible. Just found out that he's on holiday so I'll have to try as best as I can until he returns.

Mobility will be scrapped but my lovely brain definitely still isn't fit to fulfil standard, societal expectations (work, play, family. home).

Have you filled the form in again? Do you have any recommendations? All I can think of to work with is uncomfortably diving into what was written originally and moving things around.

How is this supposed to be safely completed when I've been trying to stay positive for years and still haven't managed this?


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Hi there

I filled in my forms. Took days!

Had my reassessment, and now I've been cut by £100!

I have written to them, with backup letters, and now I wait!

I will appeal if I am still not happy with their decision!


Do you have a citizens advice bureau nearby? I think they're able to helpe with PIP applications. X


Hi Inney

I complete these forms for my partner as he wouldn't be able to do it himself or understand what they are for. The first time they were completed by his OT when he was in rehab, and as nothing much has changed I did, as you said, used the original and just altered here and there if things had changed. I also enclosed a letter from his support worker to confirm that he needs constant supervision.

I don't know if it will help you, but I have attached a link to a site that has helped people in the past. Good luck !


Do you have a social worker who could help you?


My autistic friend showed me her firm of very brief accounts of worst day scenarios and I've had okay hours (and hours) of pulling out key points. They ask for better, worse or same and it's staying same or uncheceked.

Bullet points are always the answer.

Thanks for your experiences. The system is evil.


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