This is funny

Hi all

I know I don't post very often but I read all the time. I'm not a very open person. But feel the need to share, many won't find this funny but I do.

Needed a break from everything and everyone, my brain just seemed over loaded, so off my husband and myself went to 'Cornwall'.... arrived late Saturday, staying in a beautiful barn conversion. Sunday off to st Ives, nice, bit tired went back to barn cottage. Husband said I should go to bed early to rest for a fun day on Monday.

Early hours monday morning I awoke in so much pain, I had a massive heart attack!!!!

I find this soooo funny. My husband has told me that I am not to be ill anymore, he said my brain and now my heart is more than enough! :)

So now my balance is back to what it was a year ago, all over the place. Im tired like I was just after my bi, now sat back down on my bum again(got to start slow n short walk)

Its so da ja vu but with a nother major problem with a nother major part of my body lol.

I'm doing fine back home with a stent in my heart, unfortunately this is stainless steel and not platinum like my brain coils.... so im starting recovery all over again, but this time with some wonderful friends from headway,

I will try not to get ill again, I did point out to husb I do still have another annerisum in the brain and I now still have another sliight blockage in my other main artery in my heart so we will see lol

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Maybe you shouldn't go on any more holidays if that's the effect they have on you!!!! Much better to laugh than cry.... lots of good wishes for a quick recovery this time.


You're quite right Jac, most people won't see a funny side to this.................and I thought I had a pretty dark sense of humour !

Please look after yourself and get yourself properly better. Oh and keep that humour going ; it's a rare thing to have at such testing times !! Take care, Cat xx


Well, I'm glad your sense of irony is still intact ! Good that they've sorted your arterial prob out ( Viners of Sheffield stamp on stent ? ! ) and should be keeping watch on the other. Shame your break got cut short - maybe you can try again when recovered ?

Rest, gentle exercise and more rest then, Jacxx and absolutely no getting ill again ! : ) Angela x


Hi jacxx,

It is funny in a bi sort of way. Your husband advises you to go to bed early so to rest for a busy Day on Monday and you have a heart attack. Maybe you should think twice before taking your husbands advice again. Have a great evening and get better soon. Nick Xx


Thanks for all your replies

Husb did say we can't go on holiday again unless we can get a medi team to come with us.

Life is good lol

P.s like to think my stent is made in Sheffield :)


Dear me !:) wishing you a soeedier recovery. You're almost bionic :) xx


Thanks Elenor3

I feel quite good surprisingly lol.

Yeah I think I've got enough bits in me, I'll leave anymore bits for someone else.

Headway(Gloucester) have been super brilliant, they are all our special angels. Lyn needs an award sshe's brilliant.

I am feeling bit low as ive only just started getting the bus to headway by myself but now I cant even walk to bus stop, to be fair it is 15mins walk, but it just means gotta build up my strength again.

I've had to give up smoking, not a bad thing, but it all just seems that my new life has been taken away from me.

Mustn't moan though im still here after yet another big episode. My husband, my rock, said it would be better if I broke an arm or leg like normal people I did tell him I wasn't normal im one of the special few :)

Keep laughing everyone and be safe :)♡♥


Must be in the name jacsx,lol as I have same sense of humour I used to say because I live alone il be a skeleton,before anyone realises anything wrong house bound anyway so lol,most of the time been to hospital is alone an sorted an finished before sometimes even my family know,part of my dealing with bleeds to my brain as twenty through all solo;an dunno how I did it either,,still now no one has took time out to understand my illnessess,just when they see my meds usual reaction how can that be safe 40 tablets a day err,because it builds immune an my body up for things assault severed,an changed don't think I get better I just attain another diagnosis,


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