Not vanished

Not vanished

Hi all! Just wanted to let you know that I've not vanished. It's simply that every minute of every day for about a month now I've been attempting to get my film 'Some People' out there and seen. At last look it's just passed 60,000 views and now Headway themselves are on board and helping me spread the word. My local newspaper are supposedly interested in running the story as well, I'm waiting for a call...

In short, I'm here, just a bit busy. Though myself and the baroness did manage to get to South Wales at the weekend to see our favourite band at a festival, so all's good :)

Hope everyone is well,


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  • Aha, well I was going to message you to see what you're up to. But I suspected it was the film keeping you occupied. Good news about Headway ; hope it goes from strength to strength Andy.

    Glad to hear you & Sharon had a break ; I love Wales & used to go regularly. But think it'll be York again for me quite soon ; starting to suffer withdrawal from my last visit ! xx

  • Ah yes! I really must get to York again myself soon, I love the City. Are you well?

  • Yes I'm ok thanks ; pretty tired after a couple of intensive weeks but hoping to get to the lodge for a 'nature' break soon. It's a few miles from York itself but really isolated except for a tiny village a couple of miles away.

    Got my 'Critical Illness' review this afternoon then a neuro appointment on Monday, but not holding my breath for any help at this stage.

    Just off now to deliver a birthday present..................on my bike ! Wish me luck. :O xx

  • Sounds idyllic! Can I come?

    You take care on that bike! You've got me worried now :)

  • Glad to see you've been out and about, and good news about the film x


  • Hi Andy was wondering where you'd got to but suspected you would be busy. 60 thou isn't bad going!

  • Thats the problem with film celebrities, too busy doing interviews and by the picture with all the can doing some serious partying :-)

    Mind you can you imagine what a head injury film stars party would be like - could you turn that music down - way down, could you all talk a bit quietly, could most of you leave and take the drink and drugs with you and on the way out can you turn the lights out so its nice and dark because i need a nap now !!!

  • That's not a party, that's every night :)

  • As per Bill and Ted - "Party on dude"

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