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After having a cochlear implant operation and fitted with a BAHA hearing aid about 17 years ago, I lost the aid. I am completely deaf in my right ear due to a road accident when I was 6 years old. I lost the aid about 3 years ago and have done without since then. Shortly after I lost it I phoned the hospitals ENT (ear, nose and throat) depart where I was told that it would cost the NHS £2000 to replace. I felt so guilty afterward and phoned them back to cancel any order for a replacement saying that I wish the money to be spent on more important things beneficial to the NHS. Have I done the right thing? I miss having my hearing aid.

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  • Hi Iain it is very noble of you but you need this and you deserve it, please change your mind and get it replaced.

    Love Janet x

  • I agree with Janet... speak to your doc and get a referral to get this replaced. It will improve your quality of life and so is not a waste of NHS funds.

  • Iain, it's unfortunate that you lost your hearing aid but not exactly criminal !

    At least you're not one of the regular weekend revellers who cost the NHS a fortune in x-rays and treatment at A&E whilst doling out abuse to overworked staff ! And there are plenty other time/money-wasters I could mention.

    Get your hearing aid m'lad. x

  • Hi Iain,

    My partner has had his standard hearing aid replaced twice ( deaf in one ear from birth ).First time our exciteable dog got it off the bedside table and chewed it up overnight ( lesson learnt ! ) second time was a mystery, it just wasn't on his ear any more - must have slipped off somewhere. They replaced the first for free, the second time he was told it would cost £100. Around this time he also lost his top set of false teeth, while reeling in a bit too enthusiastically during fishing - they fell out as he was leant far over the sea wall and were lost to the depths at Blackpool ! He was told he would have to replace them himself, at a cost of around £500, including dental charges. He chose the hearing aid over the teeth ( he is a pensioner so saving up takes time ).

    We are awaiting you tube footage of a mystery fish sporting false teeth ! : ))

    It is so easy to genuinely damage/lose such things. I say go for it, get the new aid you are entitled to - they make enough savings in other areas and circumstances. x

  • Thanks for your replies and support. Think I'll phone the ear,nose and throat dept again and ask for a replacement. The thing that annoys me most is the thought of losing it again! The BAHA aid is a wee box that snaps onto the side of my head and is very easy to be knocked off. Thanks again all.

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