after my traumatic brain injury, I haven't gained full hearing back in my right ear which has been upsetting and since going to a neurophysiotherapist, we have discovered how bad my balance actually is, as well as my ability to focus. Trying to focus also makes me very dizzy. Has anyone else suffered with terrible balance, bad focus and deafness? If so any advice on exercises I could do or ideas on how to cope with the new me?

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  • Morning - have you spoken to neuro community rehab team yet ? I didn't know they existed until I asked for more support.

    Have you tried the anti seasickness wristbands ( need to wear them constantly for a few days and hardly the height of fashion but may be worth it).

    Yoga type exercises are good - can build up over the weeks.

    Sorry my answers a bit brief - got to dash to work. Hope someone else has more answers :-)

  • Hi I had an, until recently undiagnosed, TBI years ago. It effected my balance and left me with damage that did not fully resolve. I then got BPPV last year...they think this may have been an issue before (along with the vestibular damage...asked to be checked for it. Many folks have it and it is undiagnosed or considered not worth bothering about but it can have an effect ). Anyway I had Vestibular Retraining and it has made a significant difference to my balance capabilities. I had the treatment privately but you can be referred for it on the NHS. Most larger hospitals have a Falls and Syncopy service with physios who specialise in balance retraining...or it may be available via neuro rehab services. However you get it I can categorically state its really helpful, easy to do and has results! Good luck! 😊

  • Hi I too have ongoing balance problems. It is very common following BIs. Unfortunately it appears to be an area that is not routinely followed up on or just maybe considered too costly.

    I had vision training privately which dealt with balance issues also. This was privately also at a total cost of £560 . £200 for the initial consultation then 6 visits at £60. It helped me amazingly. I have a range of exercises I can do whenever I feel the need and can also go back whenever.

    It was invaluable and quicker than the hospital.

    I too had BBPV which the ENT dept dealt with. That too is common when lying for long periods in bed, in my case 3 weeks in a coma and further 6weeks in hospital before rehab.

    Another difficulty is finding an optician who provides vision training. None in Manchester but 1 in nearby Stockport.

    I also find Tai Chi helpful too .

    Sorry this is a tad long.

    Good luck

    Janet x

  • Hi. I have a long-term BI that I have lived with all my life. My balance isn't great and I suspect it might be getting worse as I get older. I just wanted to say thanks for the suggestions here. I'm wondering whether any of them could help me so will look into it.

  • It is still reasonablely early since the accident, I know I hated being told that as well! At 6 months. So things may well change.

    vison/touch/inner ear systems work together so if your struggling to focus this will have a effect on your balance. I assume the rehab physos would have tested this? They did for myself since my balance is damaged and I rely on vision/touch mostly. Its worse in the dark and thus winter time, I even managed to get stuck in park on way to work once since by time I realised it was too dark, I couldn't make it back to the light.

    Quite apart from a few weeks of working out what was wrong, after that I had various exercises which helped my brain work out what to do, I did improve dramatically, though there was a middle section where It appears to be going no where, I do remember being told to stand on one leg by the young student between the balance bars while she threw soft balls at me, and thinking "she is doing this for a bet I swear" to see what the silly middle aged man will do!

    But it did come together and I learnt how my balance works or not as the case maybe.

    I would assume they would do some exercise since it's less for the legs but the brain.

  • Hi again Beth,

    Think of things this way to as a child when you were learning to walk and balance, it took lots of time and effort. You would have been taken to playgrounds and walked on walls etc etc. See where I am going with this. Your vestibular system is probably not communicating well with yours eyes so what to do?

    Think like a child, I've been seen walking along slightly raised kerbs around gardens. Not had the nerve to get up on a wall and I just wish there were soft play areas for adults. It's what is needed. I've laughed with my GP over this but he agrees it's probably needed.

    If I had the wherewithal I'd love to set something up for people with brain injury, until someone does it though there's going to be a lot of people struggling like on here.?

    Take care Janet

    Watch that walking on walls!!!😄😄

  • I had bad balance and dizziness in the first few months of recovery. Have you seen a physio? When I went she said that it can be to do with crystals in your ear that get dislodged and by the time I went it had resolved so she said they will have just gone back into place. I was discharged after this but if you go and are still suffering with it I'm sure they'll be able to give you exercises etc to help!

  • Hi again . If it's diagnosed ( or thought of ) as BPPV I find that doing the Brandt Daroff exercises several times a day for about a week really helps. Worth looking at perhaps ? :-)

  • Balance is the main problem I have. I can get through the day fine, but my balance on one leg is rubbish. I sometimes try balancing on one leg in hope to improve my balance. It is something that doesn't effect me that much so is probably the reason it's not improved much over 5 years. Hearing is another thing that may have got worse since BI. With me it's the things I wasn't great with before that seems to have been effected most. I'm not even sure if things are worse now than before or same. I can say short term memory and balance was worse than before when I first had BI. Now I'm not sure think balance is still bit worse.

  • I have a weakened left leg too...My Vestibular retraining included exercises to strengthen the areas that actually do work in my leg. It helped no end but I have to keep them up otherwise the muscles that compensate forget they have to and I'm back to square one on one leg!

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