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Uphill struggle

I am finding things very hard at the moment, when I say things I mean everything! Nothing seems to be going right! I keep making mistakes and it upsets me so much! I am trying so hard to make things become right again but everything I try I end up back in a rut feeling like shit! I just want a chance for everything to be okay! I know I can do this, but I feel that people are loosing belief in me. I do not feel very well at all, I feel very nervous and very very conscious of having been through a TBI, I feel like people are bored of hearing about my struggle so I try to keep it to myself, I don't want people to just think "oh he's bringing that excuse up again" because that's what it feels like everyone thinks of me! I feel very alone

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Huwbo take a seat, a deep breath and a moment or two.

You say 'everything' is going wrong. Sometimes we can all feel like that but it is rarely true. It is more a case of things getting on top of us. Which is why it is important to just stop and take stock.

You say you are 'trying so hard'... sometimes the harder we try - to do what is expected, to fit in, to please other people, to do what others are doing- the harder it becomes. What is always best is to just be ourselves, something which comes naturally and requires no effort at all. Then we find we are less worn out and stressed by everything else.

You say you know you 'can do this' butvthat you feel others are losing belief in you. Your belief in yourself is so much more important. Hang on to that. Discard any concerns about what others may or may not think. They can't make you feel better - only you can do that.

And lastly, you are not alone. We are all out here for starters...and we know between us what you are going through, we have been there too, and we can be there with you on your journey.

'All shall be well' - just hold on to that thought and take everything one step at a time.



Just to echo what malatete says above.

You aren't alone and the majority of people on the board have these "moments" when we do daft things, forget where we put things or general forget things.

Pre injury, I wouldn't say I was a perfectionist but liked things as right as they could be. Now I forget where I put things, leave doors open, sign forms with the wrong date etc. It used to really trouble that I made these mistakes, then it dawned on me - it really didn't matter as nothing much happened as a result. So now when I do something silly like find a pair of underwear in the cutlery drawer, we have a chuckle and move on.


I feel very nervous

I feel very nervous

I feel very nervous

Note these words

Your nervous system is telling you something

I need food - says the nervous system

What food?

Vit B. Folic Acid. B6. B12.

Search for "vitamin-b12-deficiency-and-its-neurological-consequences"

Search for "12 best vitamin b12 foods"

Why doesn't your body absorb Vit B12 in the same way it used to?

Gastro-intestinal conditions. look up w w w . active-b12 . com /vitamin -b12 - absorption /

Take a rain check on your emotions for one week until you have at least 5 days of taking Vit B12 3 times per day. Then see if you feel the same way.

Brain injury interferes with natural digestion. The brain is busy healing itself. The brain devours body's resources. Cant be bothered to organise digestion as well. Not enough resources right now. Need to heal. Will sort digestion out later. Nerves yell "But I feel nervous".


I'm a TBI boy and accept i'my never going to be exactly the same. Can't be as the specific damage to your brain is irreversible. Whilst it might seem insane at time everything happens for a reason. Try & be positive & don'the think or worry about what other people think. Good luck with it.


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