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Hello everyone,

I found this last night, you probably have all read it a dozen times, but in case someone hasn't and that they might find it valuable, as i do, i have written below details of the thing I found in case you want to have a look also.

Anyway, if anyone reads it and has comments, I would be grateful.

Anyway its as follows:

Today I Found a Letter to Myself - BrainLine.Org

Its by a lady doctor called Cheryle Sullivan.

Hope everyone is having an OK day today. I am ok, Bit edgy, but OK.

Kind regards



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  • Sorry Jules but I can't find anything about a letter ???

    But good to see you're so industrious today.............Busy, busy, busy !! ........ xx


    Sorry it's so late ! Taken me a while to catch up with posts as forum has been quite busy : ) x

  • Hi Jules, it's a wonderful piece, thanks so much for sharing.

    Angela x

  • Hi jules,

    Really liked the letter x

  • Hello MyName

    Yes, it struck a chord with me too.

    I think the problem with it is remembering a long time later that there is a letter and where you hid it.

    Would be funny if it wasnt for real the irony of it.



  • Loved reading the letter Jules. It got me. Nick Xx

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