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By chance

Hi,. Just by chance 8 days ago I had a MRI of my back because of lots of back pain they discovered 2 slipped disc's one in my neck and one in lower back. Because of some of my symptoms consultant wanted me to have a brain MRI and that's when they discovered a brain aneurysm 6mm and tore my world apart. My GP has assured me that all will be fine that I have more chance of dying been hit by a bus!!.

Wanting to be ppositive and get on with my life . Anyone out there who has the same and how they are coping please let me know. Many thanks xx

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Hi Mikey. Your doctor is right but hopefully has told you of any lifestyle changes you need to make to minimise problems with the aneurysm.

I personally don't have an aneurysm, but my sister has been living with one now for over 10 years. Hers is now 11mm in size and on her carotid artery. It is inoperable but 12 months ago when it was 10mm in size she was given the chance of a new procedure unfortunately that was when they found the aneurysm had grown to 11mm and it could not be done at that time as the maximum size that had been done was 10mm and it was too risky.

So she is still living with said aneurysm, not easy but she still flies abroad on holiday, drives and generally gets on with life. She was told that there are many people unknowingly living with aneurysms who will die from other causes or just old age. I may have one that is not known about because I was told the MRI scans I had with my brain injury would not show an aneurysm. Hers was found because of the scan she had after being diagnosed with leukaemia.

So, hopefully you will get more support from others on this forum who are in a similar position to you, my sister does not use this forum for support, or any other for that matter.

Coming to terms with our own mortality can be the hardest thing.

Take care Janet xx


Hi Janet , reading your sisters journey has been inspirational and Thankyou for your reply . I am waiting to see the specialist, I am very scared but I think that comes from the unknown and I need to get more knowledge .

It's so good to hear that your sister is getting on with her life and still doing things that she enjoys doing. Also I think she is lucky having a sister like you.

Thanks again for your reply, I think I shall be reading it everyday it gives me great hope😊

Take care

Pam Xxx

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Hi Mikey, I am the lucky one, my family is amazing, my sister spent so much time at the hospital and rehab unit with me during my illness, in spite of the ill health she has.

Never ever lose hope xxx

Janet x


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