Cloudy with a chance of pain

Hi all

Here is another way we can contribute.

It is a study looking at how weather affects pain.

All you do is download the app and put in how you feel each day.

The app uses GPS to identify the weather where you are.

They are looking for many more people to join the study.

The study and app are called cloudy with a chance of pain.

Love n hugs


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  • Wouldn't let me take part Random as my laptop isn't compatible with their system.

    Pity, 'cause I have chronic arthritis. Just happen to be having my steroid shot tomorrow though, so...................Pain relief here I come !! xx

  • On the news it showed someone using their phone to do it Cat. It might be worth a try.

    Love n hugs


  • No m'dear, I have a Samsung smartphone but it still won't allow me to download the app. Thanks for the alert anyway ! xx

  • do the steroid injections really work I keep putting mine off i have one booked my doctor said I can still take my pain Meds as well ? I don't think she hold much hope for me because after all thee years I seem immune to pain killers xx

  • That's exactly why I have the shots Lew-ann ; pain killers have little/no effect on me...........not even morphine.

    The relief lasts for about 4 months then the pain & stiffness starts creeping in again. But when that happens, it's still a good feeling knowing I'll be pain-free again in a couple of months with the next shot.

    I could have them more frequently but I don't want to risk immunity (which is common with over-use of steroids) and be left with constant pain. I had the jab at lunchtime today and it'll probably kick in by early next week ; then I'll be a whole new version of myself for a while !

    It won't affect other meds and it works well for me ; hope yours works as well for you m'dear. Let me know how it's feeling a week after the injection. Good luck !! xx

  • Thanks for that cat I have been immune to pain killer for some time the only side effect is the horrible itch no rash from the codeine the naproxen I'm fine with but pain relief is minimal dr already explained I can take the pain meds as well, I just wish I could do something about the noise the horrible crunching !!! x

  • Just wanted to say thanks cat I finally got the steroid injection too knee Dr explained I was limited to only 20 shots in my lifetime the pain relief was immediately noticeable then had a flair up 4 hours later it was unreal but now it's subsided the pain relief is great gone from unmanageable 6/7 to 3/4 on the pain scale, shame there ain't one for the brain now that would be helpful so I could remember what pain Meds I've taken lol

    Luv n hugs

    Lewann xx

  • I'm so pleased for you Lew-ann.............I can almost feel your relief ! Hope you get a good few months respite from the pain.

    Love Cat xx

  • Hope you feel better soon Cat x

  • Thank you so much Mal ; the steroid usually takes about 5 days to kick in, after which life is sooo much easier for a while ! Hope you're doing ok. ;-) xx

  • Hi Cat, Jules here

    Hope your pain passes quickly with the jabs



  • Thanks so much Jules ; how thoughtful when your not at all well yourself. Just replied to your post. lots of

  • Ha ha like it! sounds like a poem I wrote a while back, not long after I first became ill with my mystery neuro condition, later (mis?)diagnosed as ME:

    “Outlook – poor”

    Vaguely hearing the above pronouncement on TV

    I marvel to hear the prognosis for me.

    Then slowly, lifting myself from inward sorrow

    I realise it’s just the weather forecast for tomorrow.

    (March 2011 )

    Mal x

  • If it had been a couple of month ago I would have been there star subject I had my leg pinned and plated after horse accident in 2005 (tibial plateau) VERY NASTY ever since then I could tell when the weather was going to change. They even took the plates and pins out no help and now it's finally gone, there's just constant pain so with my memory issues and all the funky pain Meds life's a barrel of laughs so instead I'm no longer a walking weather station I say walking very losly as that's not very far! I was diagnosed a few years back with osteoarthritis I now have I in both knees severely I finally get steroid shot in one knee Oct 3

    Have a good day every one i can no longer give an acurate weather forecast but I know last night my leg was aching painfully more 💨 than normal xxxx

  • Hi Lew Ann

    That's the point of the study . You are not forecasting the weather just clicking to say how your pain feels.

    Love n hugs


  • I will have a look xx

  • Sounds interesting, I might have to give it a look. Even before I bumped my head, I've always been sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure and the weather.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Sorry me again where's the app? I'm no good at looking for things or seeing them part of the abi charm xx

  • Scrap that just read your post proper oops xx

  • Sorry Lew Ann

    There is a website too called cloudy with a chance of pain and if you click on "the project" it sort of leads you through the apple or android process too.

    Love n hugs


  • Thanks found it !! Its quite easy to use i think it might even be handy for my bluebadge assesment next week xxx

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