1 year today!

1 year today!

Well it's been 1 year today that me and my family went through one of the scariest moments of my life. It has been a #challenge to get to where I am now but with all your kind #wishes and #support I would like to say #thankyou to everyone! I am living each day to the full and so #blessed to be here with my family. Please share my Vlogs to help others in a similar situation as my 1st one has reached over 3000 views....

Part 1

. Part 2

. Part 3

. #motivation #familylife #friendsforlife #recovery #subarachnoidhemorrhage #lovefamily #lovelife

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  • Well done on being where you are today, I remember my 1st year vaguely and I'm now here 11years on stronger and more determined than ever, just remember your family and friends will always love you for what ever progress you make.

    Lisa1985 xxx

  • Congrats on being determined and getting this far with your recovery ..... we know how deep one has to dig to find that amazing courage and determination to do so. Hope things continue to be good for you :-)


  • Congratulations for your 1st Post Subarachnoid Haemorrhage anniversary! You went through so much but you are a survivor. It's great that you have done things to help inform others. Love the family photo. It is wonderful that you have all stayed so strong and supportive throughout what has been a horrendous and terrifying time.

    Very best wishes x

  • YAY! well done you! when hubby reached his one year we had a one off party!

  • Congratulations, have fun and party! xx

  • Well done Kavib. You and your family look so happy.

    Have a fantastic Friday. Nick X

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