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i'm scared about my mum...and needed somewhere to tell.


hello, it's 5am at the moment but i felt i needed somewhere to share my situation and worries. in june 2016 we discovered my mum had a large aneurysm, she'd had a huge sudden headache at work and her left eye became blurry. the headache subsided but the eye still remained, after checks, the aneurysm was found and a stent was put in to relieve it. we thought everything was going well, she was recovering from the op ok, we actually felt blessed. then 2 weeks ago my sister found her collapsed, the stent had broken causing bleeding in the brain. she was taken out of sedation and every now and again she would go in and out of consciousness. only yesterday we saw her eyes open and she was moving around - we felt more hopeful. after visiting her today, she was completely unconscious and no movement at all. when we asked if all was ok, they said her breathing was getting stronger but that the blood pressure was low. a call at 3am just now said she'd suffered a stroke after they did a CT scan at 12am. im so lost as to how to deal with it all and i feel so hopeless, scared, tired and alone. reaching out to friends can be hard as they don't fully understand how it feels or how to support. anyways, i felt i needed to share it and hope that there are others who can offer some positive thoughts on here. :)

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Danni, how awful for you. I wish I could tell you all will be ok...but all I can say is she is I am sure being given the best care possible and that she is fighting to come back to you. Just keep hoping, there are people here who have got through rupture and stroke so this can happen...My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Oh Danni

What a rollercoaster of emotions you've had in the last 2 weeks.

I agree with Malalatete and would add that it is very important for you to care for yourself and pamper yourself as much as you can while your mum is in hospital.

Sending you lots of love n hugs


Oh Danni how distressing for you. My Mother suffered a series of strokes so I know how tough it can be, particularly as doctors can't tell you much it's a moment by moment, day by day thing. Glad you found your way here do keep us posted. It's a safe place to offload and express yourself. Hugs 💚

blessings to you all,do give headway a call tomrrow,they really can help.us mums are fighters,cling to that bealif that she will make it through xxx

5 am and alone is an awful place to be isn't it Danni. I'm so sorry you & your family are suffering with what must be terrible anxiety.

All I can offer is the fact that others here have suffered both bleeding in the brain followed by a stroke and have survived. It takes it's toll with after-effects, such as fatigue and memory issues, but there's still quality of life to be had.

I hope you can take some comfort from everyone's concern and best wishes for your mum, and for you to be a united family once again.

Sincere best wishes to you all. Please keep us informed of further developments.

Love & hugs from Cat xx

Hi Danni7, over 20yrs ago my mom had a brain aneurysm & hemorrhage at the same time, since then she as had many strokes. I also have had a large aneurysm that as been coiled, that as affected my sight. So I do know what ur family r going through. I'm not going to tell u not 2 worry because people naturally do 4 sum1 they love. Every time u worry about ur mom think of mine, then think if that lady can make it so can my mom.

Hi Danni

So worrying for you. My son had a brain haemorrhage 5 years ago, was in an induced coma for 10 days and in hospital for 5 weeks.

It was such a scary time. I was told they were doing their best to keep him alive and then they would talk about the prognosis.

A friend told me to take things a bit at a time, one minute, one hour, one day at a time and that really helped.

Fortunately he recovered well and nobody would know he'd been so seriously ill.

You take care xx

There are many of us on here that have been through similar situations. I have been left with Tersons syndrome which affects my right eye. Stay strong - I am sure your Mum is fighting hard.

Hi Danni

I also wanted to say that although nobody would know he'd been so ill there are some differences that only those close to him would notice e.g. no filter, saying exactly what he thinks, short fuse etc.

It's such early days for your mum, take things a bit at a time and look after you.

Share on here, it's such a help. People have been through or are going through similar situations and are so supportive.

Look after you too xx

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