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All right now. Aka any common sense to spare?

OK so the festive season has been and gone thank goodness.

Last week was about getting back to my version of normal..☺

I do know that when it's raining I should use my walking poles. Honest I know that.

In my wisdom I debated the need for them and decided to take a shortcut to normal and walk without them.

Yep it was a bad move...... Roll on bad head not to mention walking like a drunk in a force 10.

A full 5 days later of extra meds and taking it easy I am back to where I was..... Just in time for this weeks walk.

Still my excuse is if we didn't push the boundaries every so often we wouldn't know where they are.😇

Hope you are having a lovely Monday.

Love n hugs


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mmmm maybe so,but was it really worth it? still glad you are feeling better


It is only when I breach the boundaries that I remember where they are....actually that sounds like I know where they are, and I know mine keep moving around just to catch me out. So I am with you on this Random, been there so often it is almost funny. Only almost, mind....


Hi Mal.

Exactly how it is. Those pesky boundaries they do keep moving...and in no predictable way.

I can be ruthless about sticking to the timetable for ages and be able to do a little more but just one tiny extra thing (a form to fill in,

A family member needing help or heaven forbid even the merest hint of snuffles) and BAM its almost like they close down to the size of a small room.

The fun comes when it passes and what usually feels so restrictive suddenly feels like wide open spaces as long as I remember not to try to catch up.

If my memory serves me I hope you had /will have a good meeting with the medics.

Lots of love n hugs



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