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Narcolepsy Video

Just came across this video of a lady doing a dance instructor video and having various symptoms of narcolepsy


some of it not unlike what happens to me when fatigue randomly takes over my head and/or body. Makes me want to put on my gym clothes and film my own video but I doubt it would get as many views :)

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maybe there is something similar happening, i assume damage could do that.

not something I get, Clumby, unsteady, slow both physically and mentally. I do stop sometimes but it's a conscious choice, to attempt to limit input so I can process, if I'm starting to over load.


Although, this was posted two years ago, I am just seeing it today. I have never met anyone else with narcolepsy, just myself. Because of that, I had no idea what it might look like to others. Although I am medicated, I still have break thru sleeping sometimes as much as ten times a day. I am a fulltime student and often have to tell the professors about my condition in order not to have it be called to everyone's attention. I'm in my 4th year of college and 3 years dx. I noticed when I can stay awake I do well, but if it is a class with low lights and no windows, omg even with meds, I can practically guarantee I will fall asleep. Thank you for posting.

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