Video: Louise and Geraint Jones talk about parenting after brain injury on ITV This Morning

Hi everyone,

We wanted to share a video clip from yesterday's This Morning on ITV1.

It features Louise and Geraint Jones, from south Wales, sharing their inspirational story. The couple, who first met at a Headway Cardiff event, brought onto the show their 11-week-old son, Cian, to discuss the challenges of parenting with memory loss.

Joining them on the sofa was Headway’s Communications Manager Luke Griggs. Luke was there to support the couple and also promote the work of Headway in helping people develop coping strategies to manage the effects of short-term memory loss.

You can view the video and read more about Louise and Geraint at

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  • just watched it, very heart warming indeed

  • Hi Monkey,

    I think so yes, they were featured in a few national newspapers, which helped to secure this TV appearance.

    Best wishes,


  • Am I the only one who thought that Eammon in particular seemed really patronising? I didn't feel that it portrayed us as normal human beings at all...exactly the kind of attitude we are trying to overcome, no?

  • Hi fuzzyhead,

    It’s unlikely you are alone in having these thoughts. As you may well appreciate, it is very difficult for people not affected by brain injury to gain a full and proper understanding of just how impactful a brain injury can be. That’s why these high-profile appearances are so important; Louise and Geraint were able to offer just a small glimpse into their lives and how they’re affected by brain injury. Eamonn, who has interviewed other Headway service users in the past, may well now have a better understanding and be less inclined in the future to offer questions that may be deemed patronising by some.

    From our perspective, we feel the interview, while perhaps not perfect, was a success in terms of raising awareness of the often hidden effects of brain injury and making people aware that Headway is here to help. The more of these interviews that we manage to secure, through a lot of hard work and trying, the more we can hopefully improve the levels of understanding of presenters and viewers alike.

    Best wishes,


  • This story is insiprataionaln and gives me hope as a young person that i will one day find love and become a mother.

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