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I forgot to mention these bad boys in my 'football' post. Ever since I was little, I loved video games. As I was growing up, people would say they do not see the point in video games and even now some people would say similar things. I think video games, in some ways have got better in teaching. Nintendo I think is a very good company who have made there video games playable for all ages and even on their Nintendo DS consoles, they have a variety of puzzle games and games that aid the brain even with sight! They have the Professor Layton games I mentioned to BSA. I do agree that most Xbox games are a bit pointless. People buy these games and they're glued to them and they lose contact with reality and this causes problems, not just health but relationship and so on. Thankfully for me, video games is another thing that has died out with me. Since my art has come on much better, I spend more time with that now. I draw mainly when I feel up to it. A lot of the times my eyes feel very heavy so,I find myself sitting in my chair resting my eyes a lot. I will have another Matt-bat soon. I need to get some more card to work on. I have an idea in mind for my next puzzle too :).

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    "The other day, I suddenly FORGOT that my grandad had DIED once I had walked into the card shop and bought him a birthday card. He died because he had massive pressure on his BRAIN. I think it might have been because of a few years ago when his mate kicked a FOOTBALL directly at his head by mistake. The end".

  • I enjoy strategy games both on iPad and laptop. I play games/go on social media instead of tv for most part.

    But it's also worth remembering life doesn't have to be worthy all the time, stuff that is just fun is fine, great even!

  • I used to like playing a mixture of video games and strategy games is one of the types of games I enjoyed. I used to play a lot of games on consoles but now mostly stick to playing games on the iPad. Word games mostly and some other kinds of games for fun. I rarely watch TV as well now, I only really use it when I watch Netflix on my Apple TV.

  • dyslexic so I had my fill of word games, its what the specilist teachers would attempt to get me to use.

    it's fair to say word games isn't one of my strenghts, I have spikey profile so plenty I can and can't do.

  • I don't like the violent games I'm a big softee, and was shocked when a few years ago I saw the new sonic hedgehog games - even he has been corrupted into an evil looking thing!

    But I do r'mber getting addicted to Crash Bandicoot on my daughter's play station - sometimes sat up 'til 2am trying to get to the next level :)

    I like all the cute fluffy games, Donkey Kong etc but my daughter took her play station with her when she moved out so game over!

  • I used to love Sonic the hedgehog around the 90s era when, I thought, Sonic was cool. The sonic games on the Megadrive were my favourites. Then when technology advanced and the Sega Dreamcast came out, the Sonic games had a new look and the whole feel of the Sonic games was lost for me. Eggman! Eggman!! Don't you mean Dr. Robotnik. I like to live in the past at times, originality is mostly the best.

    Crash Bandicoot are fun games and because of Crash, I know what a marsupial is :).

  • I find playing jewel type games helps my concentration

  • Like Bejeweled and other type games like that? There are loads of 'link-three-in-a-row' type games now. I played on Candy crush saga for a while, who hasn't, but I don't play it much no more. I lose interest in these sorts of games quite easily now.mthats not to say I don't like them or anything though. I played Bejeweled blitz for a while, that is quite a fast paced game.

  • I find it a rather effective brain re-training tool

  • They are very effective games for brain training, I would think, maybe that's why I lose interest in them in the end haha. I would think a game like Bejeweled blitz is probably double the effectiveness for the brain because it is like Bejeweled but you have to think quicker. I wouldn't quite recommend it for all people though because you usually get about 60 secs per round and most BIs slow down people's thinking. So the round would be over before some people start haha.

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