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No sense of humour at Dunelm

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Dunelm politely declined to publish my review of their 'Tension Rod' on their own website. I'm staggered :)

See what you think...

I'd had the day from hell, and make no mistake. I'd rarely had worse. The kids were yelling, my piles were giving me grief and my mind was almost painful as I tried to process how on Earth Ant & Dec are still popular. As you can see, life was not good, not good at all. I was on the verge of doing something silly...

Yes, I almost watched 'Jeremy Kyle'.

Imagine my surprise when to ease my pain, my tension, my wife returned home carrying a brand new 'Tension Rod'. I had never known such things existed. Wonderful stuff and believe me, I wasn't to be disappointed. That rod took a hell of a battering, a pummeling, if you will. The tension simply drained from my body as I stretched it, pulled it, pounded on it, battered it within an inch of it's life. But still it stood firm, like a mighty sponge soaking up anguish and tension like a, well, like a tension rod.

I was just amazed to hear from my wife that the rod is actually for hanging a 'curtain'. Stunned? You betcha, I almost fell off the roof.

12 Replies
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Nothing wrong with that Andy, can't understand where some folk are coming from! Janetx

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BaronC in reply to Kirk5w7

I know! It's a scandal!

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Hi Baron.

I cannot see why they dont use it as advertising material. They would sell thousands.

Infact I feel the need to visit them myself to purchase some.

One question do they come in varing sizes and have short one for when you are just a little miffed ?

I would write back and ask for advertising rights if I was you.


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angelite in reply to paxo05

Please stop now, guys - my stomach hurts sooo much from laughing ........ : ))

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BaronC in reply to paxo05

You only need one size. 'Miffed' soon turns to 'rage' when the tension rod does it's thing :)

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Lol ! This is what happens when you don't read the instructions first !

Deliciously hilarious : )) x

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Andy - Buy a load, paint them blue for the boys and pink for the girls (and maybe yellow for those for whom that is too sexist) and stick them on Ebay and sell them for the use for which you properly put them to. Dunelm are missing out on a whole new area of business expansion here and I should jump on it if I were you.

Added to that, S&M has never been more popular since the advent of Fifty Shades.....yes, 'this time next year you could be a milllionaire....'

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BaronC in reply to malalatete

Steady on! I'm sure I have no idea at all what you mean!

Now, where's those handcuffs...

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Can't talk now ; Just off to Dunelm........................................................ xx

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BaronC in reply to cat3

Tell them I sent you...

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PMSL! they would not however as a kink aid! (trust me) however there is a dunelm near us

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brilliant......watching jeremy mustve been in a bad way!!!

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