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I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

This is my first scince post bi (and birthday) and I'm absolutely shattered but it's moved me to tears how lucky i am with my family and friends 😍.

I'm due to have my first appt at addenbrooks scince my discharge I'm excited and scared. They didn't really explain or guide me when I was there and wonder what I should expect xxx

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  • I found it helpful to ring Headway helpline before hospital and GP appointments to prepare me and be ready to get the best out of what NHS had to offer. I would take notes and go ready with questions. They were also brilliant at explaining terminology and suggesting services that my GP could access. And I also rang them afterwards because often I didn't think of questions to ask until after my appointment. Good luck.

  • Thank you I think I'm scared cause I'm building my hopes on this as if they will wave magic wand and make everything how it was silly I know x

  • Hi Sarah. I had my sah in April and am slowly getting better, although I've had to face up to the fact that I may never be my "old self" However, I feel so lucky to be alive, that far outweighs a few changes!

    I would say to take someone with you for your follow up. I find it helpful because I forget what is said. Also I have found Headway so helpful, I would say to give them a call.

    Best of luck with your appointment, Judith

  • Thanks I will my boyfriend is telling me he's coming haha he says that way they won't get sugar coated version lol xx

  • addenbrookes are good,sometimes its hard to understand what is going on! now you are an outpaitent it is easier to ask and write down questions,hope it goes well xx

  • Will they do any tests or is it just talking x

  • if the appoitment letter doesnot mention tests then no proably not,you can always phone and check

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