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Bad news for the Baron

Been to pick yougest daughter up from uni today. Bit of a miserable drive but hey roads were quiet.

As we approached Lincoln ( forgot to say shes at Lincoln Uni) I glanced up at the welcoming sight of the cathedral.......but what was this .....the hill rose above the city ....but no cathedral. It was gone.

Just sky loomed where the cathedral once sat. Someone had pinched it....now I know the Baron may misplace things from time to time but this is just not on.

I did wonder if it could be just the bad weather and fog. But my daughter always points out that the weather is always good in Lincoln and not like at home.

Apparentley they must have a new fangled street washing system on this evening because I got rather wet walking around waiting for her to finish work. I suppose it could have been rain....nahhhh it never rains there.

I am thinking of making posters asking if anyone has any information as to where the cathedral may be and posting them next time I am in Lincoln. Unless the Baron can remember where he may have misplaced it.

Oh and I checked as I left Lincoln. It still wasnt there....although by this time it was dark. All that could be seen was a fuzzy hazzy light.......mmmm maybe others where out looking for it.

If anyone sees it let me know as I rather like that building.

Off to dry out now......those booming hightec street washers bah.


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Ooh make sure we have an update by 6.50am please Pax. That is the time I have to get my boys on the train to said city for their morning rehearsal in said Cathedral, so if it has truly disappeared they can have a lie in and I can claim a refund for Wednesday's Carols by Candlelight....

It is entirely possible that there has been a rocket launch on the site, of course. The boys are convinced the dodecahedronal Chapter House is in fact a medieval reconstruction/stonemasons integration of a space craft, possibly landed there by aliens many many moons ago.If they were to come back and collect it they would have had to supply some power to lift the stones and the rest of the building would have slid down Steep Hill with the force of it all.

On the other hand, it could simply be that they used all the light bulbs on the Jethro Tull concert the boys sang in on Thursday. Or one of the vergers forgot to put the penny in the meter to top it upafter.....


Unfortunately I am unable to give an update as I have returned home......oh and also itis past the updated time sorry.

I have often wondrred about the superior race of lincoln building duch magnificent buildings.....oh and giving such imaginative street names.

"What shall we name this steep hill heading to this great building.........errrrr Steep Hill"

Maybe thats why they habe a great Uni. They probably came up with the name....pity it was on freshers week.

As for the disapearing building.....it was probably a student prank by the history society.....mmmm my daughter was rather in a hurry to leave

I am sure they wil have seen sense ( -sobered up ) by know and returned it back.

Let me know if it has returned. If it hasnt I will question my daughter further.



You see, what you've done here, is make the classic error. You're not the first and you certainly wont be the last.

The legacy of generations of Baron Curfews was always to leave the city a cheery, glorious, warm and welcoming city. And thus it was so, for many, many, many years.

Alas, one cold day in the late twentieth century the 'powers that be' decided that the city was far too too quaint, far too historic, far too quiet, far too 'nice.' And so they decided that the watchword from that day forward was to be 'vibrant' seemingly oblivious to the fact that most of the city dated back more than 800 years. And so parchment was signed, deals were done, payments were made and 'vibrancy' was thrust upon the city of Lincoln.

Overnight Lincoln was almost entirely taken over by the most monstrous carbuncle EVER to be placed in a city centre. A 'university' building was seemingly plonked in the city looking like an enormous word processor. And the processor spawned children, endless university blocks, Lord only knows how many student quarters.

And that was that. Vibrant. Lincoln is now home to 10,000 students, swelling the population by 10%.

The city was soon overrun by pubs and night clubs. Lincoln, a city many people can't point to on a map has three Wetherspoons, THREE, a Harvester, a Nandos, FIVE Mcdonalds, THREE Burger KIngs, nineteen various pizza shops, fourteen Indian restaurants, etc, etc. The city now has a campaign called...

'SHHHH!' (no kidding) due to endless complaints from residents about the endless noise from parties and general anti social behaviour. Lincoln was kept alive by the vibrancy but sadly it sold its soul.

And so there were two results of the selling out. Firstly, the cathedral vanished, darkened by the actions of others. And secondly, the current incumbent of the Baron Curfew lineage decided he would be the last to serve, certainly in Lincoln. And the noble title would relocate to Derbyshire in his lifetime. It's not if, but when.

I hope that clears things up



Hi Baron.

Thanks for clearing matters up.

My daughter has returned to Uni ( just for a day). She has gratefully not evem asked for a lift ....no she has taken my wifes car...shes considerate my daughter.

She has let me know the cathederal is back. She claims to know nothing of its dissapearance and assures me the history society will look into it. .......once it becomes "real" history in say 100 years time.

By that time she reckons allproof of her involvement will be lost in time. Not that thete is any proof she adds.

She also claims it may just be an xmas prank getting out of hand and no harm done.

I have asked her if she likes living there . Her response is yes but too many students.

I think she may have a point.



I apologies for the strange posts....my wife has beem finishing her xmas cakes. I fear the fumes may have got to me.


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