No Driving Licence = No Love Life

Ive now come to the conclusion i dont have a love life cos i dont drive.

I was granted a pass by my GP as i never felt safe driving a car. Never passed my test.

Why would i pay for a car and pay for tax, test, petrol etc?

Just so she can can have a free taxi service.

Before you all start im not a misogynist and dont tar all women with the same brush

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  • Tart? Excuse me your comment is very offensive. Apology is now required to all the women who use this site and the men who have respect for women.

  • Im sorry as i was sounding off and my post has now been changed

  • Not surprised you don't have a love life if that is what you think about women!!!!

  • First things first: that attitude towards women is not cool and will not win you any friends (or girlfriends).

    Giving you the benefit of the doubt you are displaying uninhibited behaviour, a common side effect of head injuries, but you need to keep a lid on disrespectful attitudes or you will run into problems.

    Second things second: unless you live in the outback a driving licence or lack thereof probably has little to do with your love life. I do not drive for similar reasons to you but my wife (who was my friend before she became anything else, in part because I showed her respect) lived 30 miles away from me when we first met: she drove to see me and I got the train to see her. Not having a driving licence is not insurmountable.

    A couple of things to think about:

    1. What kind of a girl would you like as a girlfriend? Kind? Caring? Compassionate? Forgiving? Cultivate personality traits you would like in a partner and you will be more likely to attract that kind of woman when you go out and socialise.

    2. I was a long time without a girlfriend. I have always struggled making friends since my accident. What are the boundaries when I meet someone new? I don't possess an innate sense of them, so almost always I just don't talk to anyone at all. My suggestion is that if you're struggling to understand why you don't have a girlfriend, there's a pretty good chance you are failing to understand what makes people (including any potential girlfriends) tick. There may be SOME women who would only want a boyfriend with a car, but the vast majority probably wouldn't care if they met someone attractive, whose company they enjoyed and who made them feel good about themselves.

    A silver bullet would be wonderful, and I felt for a long time that a silver bullet was the answer (if I was richer, more handsome, a footballer, more interesting, then she'd be interested). But it wasn't.

    Listen I don't have the answers, I wish I did, but the answer almost certainly does not lie in something you prefer to avoid (unless the thing you prefer to avoid is talking other people). People will make all sorts of allowances for the right person

  • Please dont think i dont respect women. Im not a hater of women.

    Im merely stating that most (not all) only go out with a guy cos he has a car.

    As for socialising. I dont

  • Most girls only go out with a guy because he has a car ???

    Really ????


  • Men care about cars women generally not at all, now shoes oh my goodness!

    The answer lies somewhere else.

    For reference I spend most of my life around women be that my wife/family or the young women at work who I'm "work dad/uncle" when they are talking about men lots of things come up, car isn't mentioned, Job/collage is he tall etc yes.

  • I respect women & have a skateboard...

    Not that I have Any company outside work.

  • Thank you Spideyman. I appreciate your response. Kindest Regards Clare

  • Have no fear spideyman! I got my girlfriend after my stroke (and lost my drivers license because of it) so there's still hope! :)

  • Hmmmmm

    A lot of us women have our own transport and are very independent!

    I'm not sure that the reason for no gf has anything to do with cars....

  • Maybe its just cos im ugly

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - to a lady looking for a kind, caring, compassionate person, looks would be of less importance than these qualities. Whilst there are some people out there for whom looks/wealth/material things are priority, there are many more people looking for a deeper relationship based on mutual respect, trust and loyalty that fulfills their emotional and spiritual needs. Sometimes we find our soulmate, sometimes not. Sometimes we find them only to have them taken away again by circumstances beyond our control.

  • A driving licence doesn't dictate if you should have a love life nor should it dictate why someone should date you.

    Im slightly confused if you never passed your test why would you get a car ect and why would she think you could drive plus there are lots of women out there would be date you for other reasons, I never had a car and I has a love life for years plus there are other means of transport such as trains and buses

  • When did i say i had a car?

  • I can drive despite my BI at 14 many moons ago, so according to you I shouldn't be single, yet I am. There can be many reasons for relationships to falter some in our control and some out of our control. It might seem trite but try to focus on changing the things in your control and even when you've addressed them and you're still single maybe you were right all along.

  • Im sure that if i won the lottery id become Mr Studmuffin (but then again women also claim theyre not after money)

  • Spidey Spidey Spidey, that may be true but unless you're looking for superficial company, it still wouldn't get you what you really want (see my comments about a silver bullet above).

    I think you're running the risk of giving an incorrect impression of yourself here (and possibly violating community standards) so how about you metaphorically sleep it off and come back when you're not feeling so belligerent? We all have bad days mate, heck I have had bad years and even a bad decade, but I urge you to think well of others...give them the benefit of the doubt. If you think beautiful thoughts sooner or later someone will recognise the splendour in you, but they'll have a hard time spotting it if it's submerged in vitriol x

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