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Analogy of Headway

"I compare my life with my friend's life. I am still good friends with this person today. I met him in 1996, the first year of my high school and the first year operations started to occur. I see us as two formula one racing drivers. We are both racing along at a similar speed. My car suddenly bangs into a wall (this resembles my first op). After time, I go back to school as usual but have special needs. My car is staggering along until I hit another wall... And another and another... So as you could probably imagine, my car is way way behind while his car is miles in front. If this really is referring to our lives, then he has practically lapped my car a fair few times by now :). This is where Headway comes in. It is like my car has gone into the "Headway" pit stop and they are rebuilding, bettering my car. Giving me extra aerodynamics, if you will :). So, I might not ever catch up with my friend's car but I can certainly well try :)."

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