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The power of nature; Coconut oil


Very durable stuff.

I have just posted this on my Headway's page on Facebook too.

I have been using coconut oil for about a year now.

I mainly use it to wash my mouth out (oil pulling).

I wash my face with it.

And I put some in my smoothies.

There are much more things you can do with coconut oil.

You can't quite tell it to "play dead" and "roll over" and you can't pay off your debts with coco oil, sadly.

I have tied eating some straight from the jar but it tastes like lard... Well I think so.

That is why I now put some in a home made smoothies with ground ginger and ground turmeric, two must-have spices. Very good for your health.

Take care everyone,


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Hi matt,

I first started using coconut oil about a year and half and have done a lot research on the net about its so versatile.

Its true what you say about drinking it or rather by the tablespoon I did but noooooo

and I love anything coconut but that is a definate no no....

It's nice with granola,raspberries and natural yoghurt even though I've not had any for a while now but going to start again with the smoothies when I get round to it.....lol:)



Hi Mandy,

I also love many things coconut, I now think of pashwari (spelling?) coconut naan bread). I love that stuff. It tastes very nice with a curry. And depending on who cooks the curry and makes the pashwari, you might get thick amounts of coconut which I love.

But yes, the taste of coco oil is nothing quite like the stuff in a pashwari, it hasn't got that sweet taste or much of it.

My favourite flavour of smoothie is kale, dates and banana, very nice taste and I don't buy it from the shops, I make it in a smoothie maker/blender.

There I add coco oil and a bit of ground ginger and ground turmeric and some lemon too :).

Take care,


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Hi Matt,

How are you?

I use both coconut oil (Lucy Bee or Biona) which you can buy off the shelf in the supermarket in the olive oil section and I use coconut spread (Tiana Raw Organic Coconut Goodness) similar to a creamed coconut block.

The oil I add to vegetables in hot water to give it a sweet taste and speed up cooking time so I don't miss butter taste. Also use it for low temperature frying, greasing oven pans and to make chocolate (melt in pan, add honey, vanilla and cacao powder - harden in fridge in shaped mould).

The spread I use to thicken sauces and add it to vegetables in water about 5-10 mins from end cooking time which pulls all the flavours together. Add it to hot water in 50 / 50 solution, when cooling add both Dijon and whole grain mustard to make sauce (hot mayonnaise) for my salad. Use it to thicken soups - does a fantastic job.

Use it to make my favourite Green Thai Curry sauce.

Love ginger and turmeric. I add barley grass and wheatgrass powder in smoothies to ensure I get my alkaline hit alongside all the natural sugars from fruit.

Happy eating : )



Hi H,

I am well thanks, how are you? :).

You sound like you are pretty 'in-the-know' when it comes to healthy eating, good for you. You seem to know more than I do about it and by the sounds of it, more experienced with adding coco paste to sauces and as a spread and so on.

As I was saying to Mandy above, my favourite flavour of smoothie is kale, dates and banana I make myself. I add lemon that I grate from frozen. This way doesn't waste the lemon and I get more of the goodness then :).

Kale and lemon are two of the ingredients that are great for alkalinity :).

Might have to try out some of the things you have noted with coco oil and paste.

I have heard of the Tiana coco paste. That is quite expensive isn't it? But I imagine it is worth it though. Also does the paste have more of a sweeter taste to it?

Take care,



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