Hi lovelies

Hi folks just letting you know I've now got people on board to help with marks anger and emotional problems. It's not a solution but at least i know they understand now. I write down when /why it happens so they can see his triggers.

One thing i must tell you all is....i had mark to see a neuro physio on Monday and he said to the lady that I'd been great and didn't know what he'd do without me.

He didn't say it directly to me or look at me. He told the physio and i was sat right next to him. I filled up without marks knowledge but it felt good. I was meant to hear that in marks way. I hold on to little things like this with everything i have and i remember them through the bad times.

No surrender 💪 xx

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  • HI Debbie,

    Thats fantastic news and well done. Love your "No Surender" saying. N

  • 👍

  • that really does more postative,long may it contuine! and rember to take of you xx

  • I'm getting there x

  • Hi Debbie

    Great news! Just the boost you need!


  • I'm living in that moment xx

  • Glad you are seeking the right professional help, and remembering the good things through the bad times will help get you both through.

  • Debbie, I was so pleased to read that and I'm glad you heard Mark say it, so take heart from it, he does love, need and want you, it's not always'E asy'to tell those closest to you, how you feel about them!

    sorry the word easy should have been in there, I just added it. Shirley. x

  • Hi Debbie,

    Such big steps in a short time for you both. Magic news.

    I have to say I too am guilty of telling others how much I love and appreciate my wife when really I should be telling HER, being sexist I'll blame it on being a 'man' thing butafter recent councelling am doing my best to tell her more often and directly to her as well as to others.

    LOng may the progress continue.


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