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History 11

History 11

Ellis Mill is the last of the nine windmills that once adorned 'Lincoln Edge', essentially a hill overlooking the surrounding area.. The present mill can be dated back to 1798.

The mill has been in working order continually since the 19th century, in fact it fell into disrepair in the 1940s and almost didn’t survive a fire in 1974. However, after a 40 year hiatus the mill produces flour to this day...

However, locals dispute the history behind the mill and can in fact trace the roots back to the aforementioned Adam And Eve public house where Baron Curfew and his followers once gathered on mass. The flour produced was used to make huge quantities of cheese and ye olde pickle sandwiches to compliment the local mead.

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I don't know what it is about windmills...........................I just know I love them ; kind of on a par with rainbows. And this has been so beautifully restored & maintained. xx

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It is rather pretty, yep! Makes lovely sandwiches 😊


I am a windmill lover too. Amazing that this is still in use today.

I have a retro garden ornament windmill - sadly it's solar light has stopped working.

I am similarly obsessed with lighthouses : )

Can't think about windmills without remembering this : ))


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