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Hello ladies hope you are all as well as can be expected today

Has anyone heard of SERENITY CREAM ?

I was at the homeopathic hospital on Thursday and spoke to a female Dr. There I'd never seen before. She was very interested in my condition and actually took the time to listen. After discussing my health problems she started asking about my menstrual cycles growing up and other problems at childbirth and menopause.

I'm 61 now and did have allsorts of problems including a miscarriage with my first child. I went on to have a son but no more kids. She explained how a women's hormones are affected by natural changes in the body and has brought to my attention a certain cream called.....


Apparently you apply small amounts around the body on a daily basis to restore oestrogen levels in the body.

She says that when you are low it can bring on Fibromyalgia and cause allsorts of problems. She swears by it and although it's not available on prescription it's worth every penny of 14.99

I know your own Dr can prescribe tablets but according to her this cream is pure and absorbs more quickly.

I am curious to know if anyone has heard of it or used it in the past. Many thanks Jan


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no never heard of it,sounds good though


Never heard of it and there is very little information available about it other than the vague claims of the company producing it.

I would be concerned that the only active ingredient is "bioidentical progesterone" and that using a lotion is not necessarily the most efficient or dose specific way to take on board hormones.

I would definitely advise speaking with your own doctor before taking anything ...even so called natural products can sometimes interact with other meds we may be taking.

They say there are no reported side effects, so if it really is harmless this may be a case of "it might help if you believe it will"

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Thank you for your advice I will certainly do my homework before using it. 😺


Bought it online and it didn't help at all. In fact I only put the remainder of it in the bin last week 😳. I have learnt you do not buy any form of pharmaceuticals on line because you DONT really know what the content maybe!!!

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That's a shame, the Dr who prescribed it for me is a consultant at the homeopathic hospital and has used the Pharmacy for many years. I hope I have better luck and that you find something that helps you. Regards Jan


I know several people who use bio identical progesterone cream and find it helpful. It is a good way to get active ingredient absorbed. I have not used it myself. Dr Christiane Northrup recommends it you can read up online about her advice. She is a gynaecologist who specialises in women's health.

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Thank you I will certainly do that 🙋


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