Night terrors

Night terrors

Does anyone else suffer night terrors and whats the best way to stop them?

Ive had them for a few years now after ppl have slagged me off etc. I just bottled things up and then let it out when asleep.

I have a recorder on my iphone which turns on when it hears a noise. Clever stuff but it shows the extent i suffer from them.

I have several a night which can last either as little as 10 seconds or a minute and are either shouting or screaming.

Maybe in possessed and need an exorcism?

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  • After that picture I will...

  • Thats just me in a morning LOL

  • can't say I do. I do take things to heart far more than I used to, and can get upset/angry for days!

  • If you've had brain surgery it's normal I'm afraid. The Dr says it post traumatic stress having been faced with your own mortality. I had them for about a yr until I was given medication to help. Sertraline for anxiety and depression. They seem like to work for me.

    Hope this helps and you get it under control x

  • Hi Spideyman

    If you believe it is the release of daily frustrations then maybe looking into some assertiveness classes, mindfulness or yoga could help. Also looking at diet ie what you eat/drink after 6pm might help .

    Personally I would try these before looking to medicate.

    I didn't have any dreams for well over a year and when I did there were nightmare but I went for counselling and , after finally accepting my injury, I haven't had one since. Just something else to think about.

    Hoping you get some relief soon.



  • I'm with random. Try talking cure or mind remedies first. It is, as you self-diagnosed, your subconscious finding a way out. Give it a more direct route and you might find things lessen up. Your GP can refer you for 12 sessions of counselling on the NHS. I'd ask about that right away - there's usually a waiting list. Good luck!

  • It still amazes me how people get the same things after a TBI. I have had night terrors for years. Usually related to my old job I left after my accident due to not being able to cope. They are the same reacurring dreams about the job and people. Maybe be its something deep inside wishing I had continued doing it but couldn't. It feels like I'm trying to hold onto it and move back to my old life. They are far less frequent now tho.

  • Shame. They sound really horrid. I have been lucky so far. - I don't seem to dream at all, let alone night terrors. I would try some mindfulness if I was you!

    Good luck!



  • Hi I'm so sorry you suffer from these. I watched a programme on this & the doctor said if you're having a night tremor & you're feeling paralysed just more a body part eg toe forward & it will bring you out of it. I hope this helps. Take care. Vanessa

  • Thanks Vanessa but theyre night terrors NOT night tremors

  • Hi sorry I misunderstood. I hope someone posts a reply that helps. Take care.

  • One of my friends had terrible night terrors, it turned out to be linked with having fits at night.

  • Danslete ive visited a sleep cliniic and theyre not nocturnal fits.

    Thanks anyway

  • That's ok! We're all different 😉 glad you've had a sleep study tho.

    Are you able to remember what happened the next morning?

    Writing it down might shed some light on what it is that's plaguing you.

    Do you feel like you are seeing people? I know some people do. They tell them they're busy and not scared and to go away! Sounds a bit daft I know but to be honest I think I would try anything!

    Hope you get to the bottom of it

  • Have you discussed this with your GP they might be able to. Help

  • Dillm2 have you tried to see a GP lately? LOL

  • In my part of Sheffield it is pretty easy to get an appointment

    compared to other areas

    If you tell the receptionist you are having sleeping problems it might help

  • oddly enough since my wee bump I get seen very quickly, quite often within the hr, my GP's have a Triage system rather than the ring at 8:30 and attempt to get though most GP's have.

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