10 years on

Hi all, I don't think I've written a post for a few years so thought I would now after reading so many of all of urs, you have inspired me to speak up.

27th January this year was 10 years since I suffered my BI through a sever car accident, for the last 8years I have been thinking how I could mark the occasion and give people who know me another reason to remember the crash and a happier reason, so I decided to shave my head ( on top of my shoulders ) lol.

I decided to to this for many reasons:-

1, to show other BI survivors that there is no need to be ashamed of their injury,

2, to show the outsiders ( non bi survivors ) that I am happy with who I am and what I've become, hair or no hair,

3, to raise vital funds for my headway branch ( Headway Merthyr Tydfil ) and finally

4, that everyone has the same shaped scull BI'd or not.

After 5 months of collecting the sponsorship and what the lovely kindest people I know donated I raised a staggering £1.351.17p 😀 I was so over whelmed with the amount as my target was only £1000.

I hope my little story here goes to show each and every one of you, it doesn't matter where you are in your recovery you will get to where you want to be and also to be happy with who you have changed into.

Lots of love, wishes, kisses and cwtches for each and every one of you.

Lisa85 xxxxx

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Lisa it's always lovely to hear other people's achievements. You must be very very

proud......congratulations 💇 😀


Thanks HannahS,

Yes I am so proud in how far I have come, and as I have always said I've come this far thanks to headway and my family and friends, if it wasn't for their support I honestly don't believe I would of come as far as I have.

Thank you.

Lisa85 xx


Go you! Very, very well done! A very selfless thing to do and a wonderful thing too. Don't leave it years until your next post though! :)



I will try to post more frequently and not leave it more years, I want to show people that there is life after a brain injury.



Hi Lisa,

Another great post and well done to you for raising over-the-mark of money for Headway :). Well done to you :)

For a while when I was younger, I could be a bit hesitant about getting my hair cut because I didn't really want to reveal my scar. As I got older I thought more along the lines of "So what" :). There are people who have tattoos on their heads and they don't normally get a second look.

I'm glad we have inspired you to speak up to :).

Take care,



My thought behind it was well it's only hair it'll grow back, but if it doesn't then I'll be a bald women forever lol, just got to think of something bigger now for the 20year anniversary lol.

Lisa85 xx

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