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This lovely weather

Hi all, I've just decided I lke this weather. I am constantly hot and sweaty ( not a good picture I know sorry) but on the good side so is everyone else. Yep I feel normal once again.

I know this is not earth shattering news but as I look around at everyone being hot and bothered I noticed that ni one was staring at me for the beads of sweat rolling down my face. Oh simple pleasures.

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Hi Paxo, I find it great too on a number of levels, I can wear less clothes so my over sensitive skin is happier, the air pressure is steadier so less problems with that and the light quality is better so I can see better, pluses all round for me .

Love Janet xx


Looks like I'm the fly in the ointment here 'cause I'm struggling with these temperatures. Pre-BI I looked for any excuse to down tools and get out into the sunshine, but having developed a 'thermostat' problem, I'm too hot even in mid winter !

I do enjoy the lighter nights though and gardening 'til 10pm.

But it's great for all of you who can take it . . . . . . . enjoy !!

Love Cat xxx

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I have simular problems wth temperature control. I soon get hot and like eating pringles "once I stop I just can't stop" . Unfortunatley with me its the sweating I cant stop.

The added problem in winter is even when its cold I can still sweat which equals catching cold.

At least in summer everyone is hot.


Me too Paxo. Can count the no. of times I've had to make quick exits from shops in mid-purchase.

Then there's the comments from passers by when I'm walking along in a sleeveless top whilst everyone else is muffled up in thick coats & woolly hats !!

Saves on heating bills though. :o xx


Yes the simple pleasures are the best for me too.

You enjoy them while you can.




Hi Paxo,

Yes, why is it that many of us seem to have a long term thermostat problem ?

I am often randomly sweating ( although not as severe as in illness - often had a solid hour of soaking wet clothes ! ) and have been hormone tested so no menopause to lay blame on.Must research this deeper.

The weather is grand but only if minimal activity is required ! Makes my head more slow and stupid ( if that's possible ! )Trouble sleeping, headaches,excema breaking out, more leg pain and generally more lethargic ! I'm so not at my productive best ! : ))

I am afraid it's wet vests, eating fruit as I don't fancy 'proper' food and fluids round the clock til the heatwave subsides ! Still, the garden's looking nice : ) x


My son and I both have skin that blisters in 'hot' sunlight, once the temperature gets above about 24 degrees, we're like a pair of Nosferatu, scuttling between shadows. I don't expose much skin anyway, it's usually only my hands and face that aren't covered.

My thermostat has been on the blink for as long as I can remember, my skin is of the translucent blue variety, because I don't expose it to sun, in case of blistering, and I'm almost always cold. It's been novel these last few days to leave the house without my coat.

Sweating is an issue, though, I've used up three packs of baby-wipes trying to mop myself down at work, and avoid smelling like a badger's dustbin. I'm a crotchety old sod, and there are about three days a year when I don't have some ailment-related whinge about the climate. Off to peg the laundry out, Nosferatu-style.


not keen on the warm weather it plays havoc with hay fever and asthma,


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