Pushed too hard

Had a bit of a bad time this weekend. Started Friday with a trip to London first meeting spent time talking about hoe careful i was to plan my time, knew how to avoid getting too tired etc etc. Got through another meeting o.k. Train not even delayed on way home. Saturday busy at a sale then working, then cooking and dealing with kids sleepover. Late night. Sunday i was just awful. Felt terrible, useless and incapable. Really struggling to hold anything in mind or deal with simple questions. Hope i didn't agree to too many things which i've now forgotten.

Just got sent this link, all sounds very familliar.


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The article you have linked explains it all! You've run your battery flat and as its BI faulty, and runs down more quickly and charges less well, you need to schedule lots of rest to get yours working again.

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I sympathise James. It's been a busy weekend here too, both physically & mentally ; all capped off with a sleepless night last night so I'm feeling pretty shattered.

The article rung all the BI bells, especially the illustrations of depleted batteries. I can remember the feeling of exhaustion, pre BI, and there was a pleasant tinge to it 'cause I knew it would only take a shower, meal and night's sleep to put things right, then I'd be back on form ready for more action.

Now I can feel that it'll be several days before I've finished 'licking my wounds'.

No matter how much good advice we hear, there's this primitive need for testing our limits. :o

Hope you'll be back on track before too long.

Love Cat x


I still find the disparity between Nero and physical fatigue quite odd.

I can ride for 40miles over mountains and still feel fresh yet a hour maybe a touch more on the computer and I'm done!


Hi James, thanks for sharing the link, describes me perfectly.

Hope you are slowly recharging. K


Hi James,

Thanks for sharing - great explanetory article. Whilst I understand the mechanics of spasticity, so can easily account for the physical fatigue, the head or 'thought' fatigue seems illogical at first until you realise how much harder the brain has to work in it's everyday tasks.

Cat is quite right, even though we learn to expect payback we still all push our luck at times !Hope you are back to your base level soon : ) x


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