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Severe brain injury


Hi everyone,my brother had a fall two weeks ago which we've been told will leave him with serious brain damage . He had a massive bleed and swelling on the brain . After being in an induced coma for a week he's now barely conscious but is being moved into rehab this week. It's come as a massive shock to us all . Anyone got any positive stories to tell us on what sort of recovery he might make ?

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Sorry about your brother's injury Mike. This is a surreal and scary time for you and all his loved ones, but there are countless survivors here who have made surprising progress after terrible brain injury.

Not even the experts can predict the outcome for him as cases differ so radically. But please don't be downhearted by your brother's demeanour in the first few weeks.

I've lost count of people posting here who've had relatives with catastrophic injuries, then have posted later to say their loved one 'is now speaking/eating/walking', and has then progressed slowly, to unexpected levels of recovery.

Please stay with us through this difficult time ; I'm sure others will want to offer support and comfort.

Thinking of you, and hoping for the very best outcome for your brother.

All my best wishes, Cat x

Hi, I add my best wishes and welcome to you to. On a positive note, I was in a coma for 3weeks and not expected to live or have a very limited quality of life if I did recover, I can now walk etc, etc it is 3 years post trauma for me now and although I have not been able to return to work, there is much I do do, and there are others on here who have made even greater recoveries, so as Cat says its early days yet and there is plenty to be hopeful for xxxx


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Sorry to hear about your brothers injury, it will be a long road to recovery and it will be as if he is a different person now

Feel free to post any questions and I am sure someone will have the. Answers


My son fell 6 weeks ago and fractured his skull and had a large extramural haematoma. He was in an induced coma for 10 days. He's now been in neuro rehab for 2 weeks and is making amazing progress. If you met him for the first time you wouldn't really know there is very much wrong. Throughout all this everyone has been saying take it day by day. The brain is such an incredibly complicated organ. One thing all BI survivors need is time. We still don't know how my son is going to be long term but it's pretty incredible so far. Just take it day by day at the moment and try not to drive yourself mad worrying about the future. Easy to say but hard to do. Take the support from this group and look after yourself as well. Good luck!

Hi mike

Sorry about your brother's injury and I agree with what has been said.

All I can add is please contact headway and find out if there is a group near you. There are also a lot of relatives and friends here on the forum.

Wishing the very best for you both.


Dear pompeymike

First of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother and I hope you're all looking after each other in this difficult time. My father had a fall in October last year which caused a huge bleed through all areas of his left hemisphere and which also caused extensive swelling. The doctors were not sure he'd be able to talk/walk/remember us etc and were also unable to say if he would live/die or have seizures etc. The good news is that after a month (when he really didn't kniw what was going on) he gradually came back to us and after 8.5 months he has been left with short term memory issues and aphasia where he struggles to find some words, but for a 71year old he's doing amazingly well. This may or may not be the case for your brother, and it was very small steps for dad, but with brains they just cannot predict anything. Just try to stay as positive as you can, and when/if he is conscious, be reassuring and positive with him, but also acknowledge his possible frustration. Good luck and best wishes

Look into giving Fats in his diet read on U tube a case of where a family did lots of Omega's and the person was recovering from a brain injury our brains need this to recover along with Protein and little carbs how they did Generations ago .

I've been through similar,but I don't think as serious as your Brother's after emerging from the Coma the next 6 months or so were very hard. Now I cannot return to any sort of employment because of my memory problems but I find other things to do when am able to.

So have faith Pompeymike he will pull through

My daughter suffered a TBI in Feb 2014 and came home March this year after a long rehab spell. Since coming home she now has a wonderful care team who encourage her to do as much independently as she can. She goes swimming and cycling on adapted bikes and at the weekend they all went out to her favorite nightclub - Corp for any of you Sheffield people. Although she is not walking or talking yet she managed to get up on the floor with her friends and communicates with a spell board. She seems to get better every week and had her PEG out last week so please dont feel this is the end for your brother. Its hard and harrowing but you need to try and support him so he can move forwards in his recovery. You will all need support as its the worst thing Ive ever had happen in my life and I can only say I know your pain. This site is amazing and has helped me through some dark times and the Headway helpline is there if you need to speak to someone. I wish your brother a speedy recovery and hope that as he is going to rehab so quickly he will make fantastic progress.



Hi pompeymike. I wish your brother well.

It is 8years since my SAH. I am still here.

Now able to say, write, think more.

Not enough but more.

Same things but different ways, still me.

You will see many positive stories but everyone has their own pace.


welcome,see everyone is so lovely on here! hugs and healing to you both,try to stay strong and postative,

Hi Mike. I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. I had a Severe Brain Injury myself in 1998 at the age off 32. This happened on the first day off a family holiday in Spain.

The medical staff in Spain told my wife that "It was no good" They even took all off my clothes out to my wife. She thought that "I had Gone"

I was given no chance in Spain!! We was told that I would never " Walk/Talk/Drive/Work/Have more Children!!

To date I have done them all & more!! I wake up every day to see my "Second Child" She was born 12mnts after my "Brain Injury"

These have all have taken "Time"

It has taken me many years to get where I am now. You will need to stay "Positive"

It is early days at the moment for him but you all need stay positive & be there for him.

You will need to contact "Headway" first as they will help & support you which is need at this time for you all.

Please contact us/me if you require any more "Help & Support"

All the Best.


Likewise I suffered what was classified as a severe brain injury and was not expected to survive or if I did it was predicted I would be severely mentally and physically handicapped. However, severe brain injury doesn't necessarily mean a severe outcome. I do have frontal brain syndrome/dysexecutive difficulties and have balance problems but ........ I am still living independently and parenting my 9 yr old (he was 5yrs when it happened.

Take each day as it comes and keep an open mind. Recovery from a brain injury is very long and slow and can take years rather than weeks or months, although for some it can happen more rapidly even when not expected by the medical professionals. At two weeks post fall and massive bleed even though he is no longer in an induced coma it is to be expected that he is still barely conscious as in real life (unlike on TV soaps) you do not just suddenly wake up fully from a coma it is far more gradual and most people continue to be very confused and disorientated and uncooperative for sometime. That is good that he is being moved to rehab as in that environment he should get the care he needs to help any steps of recovery he is able to make. It will be very hard for you and the family etc but you have to try and take each day as it comes and notice the very small bits of improvement. Make sure you look after yourselves too by getting plenty of rest and giving yourselves time out because you need to keep yourselves well and strong for the journey ahead.

Very best wishes to your brother and you and anyone else close to him. Please do keep posting on here or browsing others experiences because this forum does give considerable support, understanding, info, suggestions, ideas etc. I know that because that is what I have found for myself.

Thanks for all the replies . Looks like it's gonna be a long hard road . I'll be contacting headway later

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the site! You have found a great place to be able to communicate with others that are going thru what you are.

I have an AVM which caused an brain-aneurysm. Which caused a SCH stroke. I am going on two years. If you didn't know me you would never know. I still have a way to go in my eyes.

It is a Very slow process.

I know what it's like for him but I have heard many people tell my husband to make sure to take care of himself!!

I think it's easy to get so involved in the person who is ill that you forget about yourself. So make sure to be good to yourself and know it's ok!

Prayers to you and your brother and your whole family!!


I'm slightly concerned at the moment because he's been taken out of intensive and was meant to be moved to rehab but they haven't got any beds in rehab at the moment. They've put him a general medical ward until a rehab bed becomes available . I'm not sure he's getting the treatment and attention he needs in this ward

Hi pompeymike I am sorry to hear about your brothers trauma, is such a bewildering traumatic time for then family, my thought s are with you!

You wanted some positive stories so I will tell you mine! I fell 15 feet and concurred a double fracture of the frontal lobe, was in a coma, on life support for 4 days. Spent 6 months in hospital, and had to have a carer when I came out of hospital. I had to relearn just about everything, walking, speaking, reading, The prognosis was fairly negative, but with the support of the NHS rehab, my employers, and my fantastic friends and family.

I now have a new job, used to be a fire fighter, was driving 2years post TBI, running half marathon's, full story:-, but be warned its a long one!

I wish your brother all the best. This is a time when he will need his family!

Thanks for that . We're all trying to stay positive and stories like yours help us a lot .

Is an awful time for the family, I was on-concious for a fortnight and pretty much 'out of it', for the three months! And have no memory of the angst they suffered!

Hope these positive stories are useful to you all! All the best Neal.

people clearly do and can more than just survive such injuries.

and as ever it's very early days.

Just an update on my brothers condition . We've now been told he will more than likely never walk or talk again . On top of that he has now developed peunomia . It's an awful time for our family

People can and do defy expectations, but at just under a month, it is very early days.

You never really can tell. Try not to loose hope.

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