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Hi Guys, i have found a UK "Art-Journaler" on youtube and he is very good at explaining what he is using on his pages. it was all double Dutch to me at first but now i am getting the hang of it all and enjoying, his name is mike deakin

Sorry don't know how to do a link thingie but if you go over to youtube and put mike deakin into the search bar you should find hin.

have to get my son to get me subcribed to his channel as that is another thing a cant seem to get the hang of....

Good Luck and best wishes to you all

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I will definitely check him out.... I have some American art journal buddies one of them is male....

Artangel are you familiar with Jennibellie here in the UK? She set up an art journal community online.


Hi iforget, yes i have seen some of jennibellie youtube videos, thanks.

i really like kate crane's blog and have her videos she is also here in the UK but not on youtube. Glad you like Mike.

It seems i don't have a google account or a youtube account!!! (how well my kids know me....) LOL

Not very good with the computer since accident but am getting there :)

Best Wishes


ArtAngel - Jenniebellie has an art journal community on ning. It is free to join.

I like Kate Crane's work too, its always very pretty.... and there are some other really great international artists out there too...some of whom I am happy to call friends :)

They have some great workshops on offer at Art From the Heart but they are not cheap... also it is so far away I haven't been able to figure out the logistics of travelling, staying over and surviving a long workshop as yet... but its on my list of things to do ;)


hi iforget like you i would LOVE to go to a workshop at Art From The Heart, but have the same problem :( Not sure i would even get there on my own?

Have you tried Dyan's acrylic paint? it's awsome! pages dont stick together anymore and it does dry quicker - dont know how? Have spent all my pennies on paint so no funds left fo workshop anyway!!!

Best Wishes


Not sure where in the country you are but maybe one day we could save some pennies and find a way to go to the workshop together... two bashed brains gotta be better than one ;)

But for now it remains a distant dream ;)

Happy painting :)


Thank you, I have subscribed.


Just watched one of his videos... I like that they are cleaned up and voiced over (although I could have done without the music) because I really hate having to sit through the noisy heat drying process and the edited versions also mean none of the "erm... um....erm..." stuff that so many direct vids include ;)

Thanks for highlighting this guy...I had not heard of him


I'm scribbling, writing & colouring in mine = nothing fancy but quite fun. Will look, thanks.


Looked at video and others'. Pretty things but unsure: WHY do in a book rather than on paper? Maybe coz then closed, must open to reveal the magic inside? For me rather a lot of faff though and tricky, got to keep book open, let dry etc.

So maybe not for me: mine for scribbling, sketching, doodling.


The beauty of art journalling is that there are no rules so if you prefer to do sheets of paper that is fine, you can stick them into a book or keep them in a binder to make up an art journal if you wanted to. Keeping the pages in a book allows the art to unfold into a creative art story, but you don't have to do that,...nor do you have to do each page in order

If you do not have a heat gun to dry as you go along, a tip for wet pages is to use a winged paper clip or bull clip until the page is dry


Thanks iforget. Some people's books areSO beautiful, not sure I could ever be that good. Yes, like how magic they are, story/life unfolding!

Hairdryer same as heat gun I think or not?! But I'm not always patient in art, maybe need to learn.


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