What a shock

I have just looked in the mirror(not something I'm keen on doing) I didn't check my face for any changes after my bad seizure last friday. I knew my left eye was affected, it is always affected and my eyelid always drops but gets better but the muscles on that side are affected and I'm sure that side of my mouth is to. I've given up telling doctors, it goes in one ear and out the other. If you suffer damage from from an injury or illness, a chronic pain sufferer then they want to pacify you. They should spend a day in our shoes.

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  • angel my doctor listens to me or did hes on sick leave, ive got to break a new one in.

    my wife has has to come with me because im a 6ft unpredictable 20 stoner.

    need to go and see him about something he shouldve 2months ago, olny found out today.

  • Hi steve its hard when you don't get to see the same doctor. It gets frustrating having to go through all your history and hope they grasp it. My pet hate are consultants they should have training on listening to patients and to leave their egos and attitudes at home. The ones I've had to deal with I could use a rang of swear words about them. Persevere with the gp, and if you don't feel your getting the support you need or should receive then speak to the practice manager. People with injuries and chronic illnesses deserve better care. I hope your appointment goes well :-)

  • angel my wife is allowed to phone and make cancel and get test results for me. the practice manager is well aware if a receptionist pisses me off the air will be blue and my wife wont be there to tell me off, because i dont know im swearing.

  • You have a lot to cope with Steve it must be so hard and frustrating. Knowing people they jump to conclusions without finding out the facts. My partner has a brain injury and he use to be terrible for flaring up on the phone. I had someone complain and I said he is in a very stressful situation, put yourself in his shoes. They shut up then. Do you find this forum helpful for you

  • angel youre always learning, i give advice i learn too.

  • I always think what I've learnt may always come in handy with someone who's struggling

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