Forty winks

Forty? You must be joking. I very much doubt four thousand of the little sods would help.

Bloody hell, I'm tired, virtually permanently. It really is one gigantic pain in the arse, it really is. I genuinely think could have slept all day today. And still be tired. And the kids will be home in a minute, that'll have me pining for my pit even more so.

Another day....

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Hi Baron

Did you get your iron level checked in blood test recently?


I did indeed, no cause for concern apparently


Hi Baron,

This isn't post honeymoon over exercise kick back? ;-)

Or have you been over excersicing the recline lever on that posh new sofa?

ANy way I should make fun, I got grand daughte coming in with my daughter early this evening so may just try and escape to my pit for a re-charge before they arrive... that or find a man cave to disappeatr to when they do arrive.

Four thousand seems to ring a bell with me... Ahh now I remember that was the number of sheep that I counted to last night, just before the alarm whent off ;-)

Rest well and energise for later



Hi Geoff,

I think it's post everything kick back. I'm just exhausted. Even caffeine is failing me. I'll pull through, I usually do. In the meantime, the recliner is a godsend :)


Hi Baron its a pain isn't it. I'm the same at the moment and went for blood tests-came back clear-then recently have realized/thought/noticed- i think i'm having partial seizures during the night which is making me extra fatigued during the day.Finally decided to go to the doctors after hitting myself one night and am now waiting to see another neurologist again-another waiting game! Hows your nights sleep?



Hi Karen

Bugger me, that sounds rough for you. You have my sympathy, they really do knock you for six, or seven.

I appear to be sleeping well at night, but it never seems enough to be honest. I wake up tired, spend the day tired, go to bed tired, and repeat the cycle.

Ho hum


Took my sis-in-law into town yesterday and felt soooooo weird ; utterly exhausted.

Came home, made myself a stir-fry and decided to have an early night. Still awake now after 30+hours.

I wish there was a magic spell ; I'd share it with you Andy & all other worn-out folk here. :o :-( xx


Yep, a spell that sends us to deep, deep sleep for eight plus hours and leaves us utterly sated would be perfect, just wonderful. When I find the formula I'll be sure to share it on...


I feel for you Baron. I was feeling quite sh#te after having a very broken nights sleep last night. Got home with a headache, had tea with a headache, had a soak in the bath with my headache, took my headache to bed and it kept poking my all night. When the alarm went I could have thrown it through the window!

I went grumpily off to work and didn't notice till lunchtime that my headache had joined me. Now I'm sitting in my reclining settee, feet up wondering if I'll manage to stay awake long enough to see bedtime....

Now I feel ashamed of grumping about being tired when I have accomplished so very much.

I hope that it's just the changeable weather that's getting to us all and everything will settle soon 👌😴😲😴💤💤💤💤💤💤💤


Well, today, I it the recliner at 8 am. The cat leapt on my lap half a nanosecond later and here I intend to stay until the peace is shattered by kids returning to the nest. Then I'll arise and think about doing something. Or I'll slit my wrists.

It'll be a close call :)

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Its that Gorilla in the house again folks!

My boys have taken to looking sideways at me towards the end of the day (and sometimes quite a lot earlier than that) and asking 'are you a bit tired mummy?

At the moment I seem to be suffering badly with hay fever, anti histamines never want to work for me...disgruntled hubby said yesterday ' I woke up 8 times last night' (pointedly, you understand...it seems I may have been a little snuffly when I did eventually drop off). I tried not to be too withering or dismisdive when I responded 'what, only 8?'. Some folks wouln't know a pretty good night's sleep if it knocked them out.

Have you tried kicking the caffeine into touch? I know it seems like a way to get through but it is an artificial boom and bust creater par excellence.

Best wishes


Caffeine or no caffeine, it makes no difference if I'm honest. And I only actually drink it in the morning anyway


I fully empathise Baron! At one stage I seriously considered lobbying the Olympic Committee to suggest sleeping marathons and sprints were adds to the games, Steve Redgrave's gold medal haul would look like nothing compared to mine!

The most effective thing I've found of late is 1200 mg cod live roil tablets that I take each morning.

They took a few weeks to kick in but stops me drifting off to sleep within minutes of me getting g out of bed.

Good luck buddy, it is has a debilitating impact


Thank you, might try that. But what with the five tons of epilepsy meds and the Nurofen virtually on a drip, I despair of whacking anything else into my system. There's no room for food, drink, or blood. My body is just a drug addled mess really :)


Well cod liver oil is natural at least, although eat something immediately afterwards or you'll end up with fish flavoured burps which is never good 😁

I kept trying different things out of desperation - even Accupuncture and Cranial Massage


I find that the only cure is sleep :D

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