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I didn't realise how much Meds I am taking

I was taking my medication a couple of hours ago,which comes in blister packs because of my memory/confusion episodes. Out of curiosity as my medication seems to be steady at present after almost a year after at trial and error basis involving myself and mainly my GP.

After calculating a months supply of my medication (28 days) I am taking 588 pills then there is my insulin and painkillers as a extra. Surely there must be some side effects to this, also I wonder how much the Liver and kidneys have to work to get rid of the medication waste?

I am just a wondering how many poster's are taking around the same amount and if anyone knows about the side affects and waste question I would be interested to know

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I worry about it and I'm just taking 4 a day.

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Was only on and anti epilepsy when I came out of hospital, but I had been on loads of different stuff in the sixth months prior to that! Can't remember exactly what a I was tacking in hospital, but know it was a load! Rattled, I think! But I know I was very anxious when I heard I was on anti-depressants and Epilim, given my previous careers, working with mental health and learning disability patients!! So was delighted I was weaned of them! I understand, if you have not had a seisure, you are not now automatically put on medication to guard against them! Just as well, in my opinion. Medication with strong, mood changing effects, and if you don't require them, best not to be on them.


Sorry, don't know much. But have often thought that all these chemicalsend up in the water supply, the earth, rivers and seas (and air?) and degrade into bad things often and we ingest some without knowing and the affect all of us plus animals, fish, birds, insects and plants/trees.

I think (but unsure) some don't decay much or fast? If that's the case they must build up in people and environment = for generations to come, like spent nuclear fuel.

Also some affect (I think) our DNA/genes and as well as causing birth defects must (do?) cause other more subtle changes in human (and all) genome/s - is that right word?

Trying to say that I think that although yes they do good they cause side-effects for ALL of us whether taking them or not and probably their effects will carry on into the very distant future.

Take minimum required, take with great care (and try work out benefits v side-effects for ME/US in real life) and when no other options = that's my motto.

But yes, I do take tablets when nothing else works. But hard to know if tablet fixed 'it' or something else = too many variables!

I do know that the fizzy paracetamol drink tablets (and many other tabs for some time now) here in France don't seem to work very well (at all?) for me. Odd.


Hi Jimbo,

Not quite to your level but getting there..... 420 per 28 days + pain relief + anti-migraine + inhaler. Actually think I've undercounted from brain freeze but will work out another time and post acurate, think there should be another 56 in there somewhere.

All I know is when I get put into the final burner they're gonna have to put up a haz-chem notice and an exclusion zone ;-)

Trouble is without them it probably wouldn't be too long befor the best bit of the day would vanish... the waking up bit.



I wish I had that problem "waking up" for 2 years now I have had real problems sleeping. Sometimes I go 3 days without sleep, then I will sleep for 72 hours. It's really frustrating. I keep a diary to fill in the hours I sleep but usually forget to fill it in due to my memory problems. The last time I filled it in properly was from 1st April to 9th April 10 hours sleep in that time surly that's not normal


Hi Jimbo,

The 'waking up' bit is a bit of a figurative in that to 'wake up' is to be alive... I think.

From my own experience and from what others on here say, sleep, or more acurately lack of, seems to be common in BI.

Have to say though that the more I worry about lack of sleep the less of it I do, if that makes sense.

I get good nights and bad nights but not the extended periods of sleep like yours. I'll get two or three nights with maybe 2 hours sleep spread over the night. Perversely it seems the days I am most tired when going to bed are the nights I'm least likely to sleep.

Sometimes wonder if it's the rattling noise of the tablets in the tum that keeps me awake.

Take care



Yep know how that feels... carrying the meds back from the pharmacy in three carrier bags every month... Some of mine are required as a direct result of other meds I am taking either to help boost the meds or to counteract side effects or to treat other conditions arising out of the meds I had to take.

many drugs are processed in the liver. I have to have regular liver function tests because some of the meds I take are pretty toxic and known to have an adverse effect on the liver.

It really is worth having regular medication reviews, sometimes - and this happens a lot with people using blister packs- the meds are on auto and nobody checks to see if they are still required or if there might be a better/more efficient med available. The pharmacy put them in the pack and the patient takes them...


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