Nepal Earthquake

When you see things like this tragedy happening I count my lucky stars, and think how small my health problems are in the big scheme of things.

Then I feel guilty that I cannot help, yes financially I can make a donation but I wish I could help hands on. I pray for them poor souls, but I do not know who what I am praying too.

It is definitely not the God that as a child was brainwashed to believe in, the omnipresence, all loving God who loves us all, but if you don't believe in him, you are either evil or possessed by the Devil BS.

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We're all human, in that way we're all connected/same and we feel others' suffering and can only do our little bit to try make the world bit better (less horrid) = locally mostly, maybe that's what people mean by 'god'?

Yes, especially in old days could be murdered for not believing in the local accepted beliefs, still bit same now: ostracised, drugged, locked up and excluded if behave or dress 'odd', live in chaos ('chaotic lifestyle') or question things. Oh unless you're wealthy/powerful, then you're called eccentric and are a 'national treasure'.

We can't all fix everything sadly, must choose, I know: so hard to leave lots and not try spread our energy/talents/money too wide, so many things CAN'T do or help with. But each tiny bit helps just we ALL need (and want) to do our tiny bit and all together we make a HUGE difference.

The wealthy and powerful must use their resources to good effect, many do but loads don't. Weird: it'd make them feel good!


Sadly we live in a broken world - not the kingdom world that Christians aspire to. Its brokenness is random and destructive, can be miniscule, such as a mutated gene, or massive, such as a fracture in the crust of the planet - but the devastation which results always leaves us as humans asking 'why?'

The only comfort which I have found to be true in such situations is that, as Muddled said, we are reminded of our innate connectivity, and for many that will bring out their best - that giving, loving, courageous side to us which is unbelievably there in all of us, and is who we are all meant to be. Just as it did in you, and I am sure many others too Jimbo.

And, whether you believe in him or not, God listens. It is because he does that many of us came to find him in the first place. So if you don't have the finances to make a donation and I guess many of us won't, having a quick word with Him upstairs is pretty good. There will be those in dire straits in Nepal who would value such support beyond measure.

And if that is all too bible-bashy, just think of the butterfly wings analogy...because your words may prompt one person on here who can afford to do so to make that donation; their doing so may prompt another; or even set someone off en route to Kathmandu to help...

Best wishes


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