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Rant alert!!!!

I had planned for and went to get Somme money out of savings for bills.

Everything went well until I had to sign.

Lonnng pause and strange look. I realised what was happening as it has happened before. My post bi signature does not look anything like my pre bi one.

I wasn't expecting this carfuffle as someone had put a note on the computer the last time it happened so I said "before you say that my signature is not right I have had a brain injury."

Very luckily I was able to produce 2 types of photo I.d. one Costco card with pre bi signature and current short photo licence with post bi signature.

Finally I got the money.

I think I need to change banks in case my licence does not get renewed.

Rant over and thanks for letting me get it off my chest.

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Hi random

Ask your bank to update your signiture. Pre bi my signiture never really matched so since my bi my chance of finding two signitures to match is almost impossible. I think my bank now has a few signitures on file along with a note about having a bi. Still usually have to show driving licience as photo id but at least I dont feel like a criminal trying to prove its my account. Although the best solution for me is my wife treating me like royalty( I dont carry money). This is due to me not understanding money, its a strange feeling looking at a handfull of change and not knowing how much you have got. Good luck with your bank, if they say they dont think they can doe this offer to change banks.....usually works.!!


Thanks paxo.

I probably will change banks and start fresh because there is no other photo I'd with a post bi signature on it until my passport needs to be renewed and if my licence isn't renewed (just had letter to say it will be 9 weeks before I get a decision).

I know what you mean about looking at a handful of money and not knowing but with me it's more the notes.

I suppose I'm more worried about the licence. When the 1 year licence was issued it was on the basis of a not very serious head injury.

A lot has happened since then.

By the time I finally got to see a specialist it was (looking back) very funny. After an agonising assessment I was escorted from the waiting room to a seat just outside the specialists door.

3 times the specialist came out and checked my name with me.

The specialist came out, beckoned me and followed me in. Having told me that my MRI had been examined and would be understood by very few I was given a lot of "amazing, impressive,surprising etc." Along with "I wasn't expecting this" making the gesture from the film How to train your dragon which makes Hiccup reply "you just gestured to all of me".

At least I know now but so will the dvla.

Sorry about venting and thanks.


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