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Just to add to my comments

I would like to say although I myself do not have b.I my husbands a.b.I has changed me too I no longer worry so much about money,even though it is an issue! I feel closer to him and want to enjoy life more with him and my daughter friends etc and even though some days I feel like I have nothing left to give I find the strength to keep giving and learning about b.I

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Hi, I think that's a wonderful positive attitude and your husband is lucky to have you. I've realised through my experience that it puts things in perspective massively and gave me clarity on the actual important things in life. I've long lived believing what counts particularly when our time is up is what we've done, the family we have, the friends we have, the way we've treated people and not how much money we've collected or stuff we've gathered after all as the saying goes.....we are all born with nothing and leave with nothing. The best we can hope is we are remembered and loved by the people we care about and have influenced/helped along the way.


Wow! Thanks so much and yes I agree with what you said as a fellow pagan friend of mine said my hubbys journey is on the earth not in it!


Superb I too have friends such as yours...we are lucky!!

Take care of yourself too remember


The lucky man! Good for you, here's to a lovely life!



Again thanks everyone! And yes I do try to take care of me!


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