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Anyone Know ?

Hi Angelite and everyone

Thank you for your post Angelite - gave me a chuckle (much needed) but very sorry also to hear about your pain.

I have been to see the Pain Team at my local hospital a few times now and went to a session a couple of weeks ago where i heard about 'Nociception - which apparently (i think) is to to with the warning signs your body sends your brain, making you experience pain. This I think is when your injury is healed and pain shouldnt be coming from that area.

I think I was told its quite new research and can be missed/misunderstood by some doctors.

Does anybody have any more insight into it ?

Thank you to everyone who responded to my post from last night. I note my mood has lifed as i was listening to an Adele CD but as i am writing this am listening to Louie Louie Motorheads version !).... actually not sure is that is good or bad - but it feels better.


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Hi Jules,

I have heard of nociception ( which I keep translating into noisy reception-kind of a rowdy welcome party ! ) I would have to revisit the site and study it a while to remember what I read.I am aware of the condition Complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS for short-you can probably imagine what my head translates that into !

Had a fleeting visit to youtube to check out Motorhead's Louie,I only really knew them for the ace of Spades-a classic bit of chaos !

Glad you are feeling brighter,hopefully I will improve too in a little while : )

Take care and enjoy the music, Angela x

Lemmy, Lemmy, oh ho, I gotta go.......... : ))


Thanks for that Angelite, will have a look at the link.

Hope the pain gives you a day off today.

Yes, rock music - it used to be a big part of my life, it gives me an odd feeling hearing music i would listen to before the accident.

Motorcycles and rock music, they were who i was.

Going to have a look at my CD collection today I think.

Enjoy whatever you get up to, sun is out here in Newcastle - hope it is where ever you are.




Hi again Jules,

I found this article which describes the mechanism of the two main types of pain.Hope it helps x helpforpain.com/arch2000dec...


I find Disturbed work for me in the rock music department, it also ironically sums me up as well....wibble...


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