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Free Electric Hoist and Symmetrikit Chair

Free Electric Hoist and Symmetrikit Chair


My family and I have been trying to donate my Dads electric Hoist and wheelchair to local hospitals, hospices etc but have been told health and safety permits them from accepting them. So i am trying this forum instead.

My Dad had an op in 2012 and a mishap at the hospital left him with severe brain damage. We managed to get him home and bought these items to make him as comfortable as possible. Sadly he passed away last year.

So we would really like for these items to go to a good home to someone that needs them.

The hoist is ceiling mounted and is currently on our ceiling, however we are more then happy to arrange and pay for the removal of the hoist and installation in its new home.

Please let me know if anyone is interested. Would be such a shame to just bin these items!

Below is a picture of the chair.

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Hi PB1980,

Health and stupidity rule again I see.

Surely such a generous gesture as yours could be utilised by the NHS or care homes.

It just HAS to be far cheaper to get it tested and re-certified than to get new!

No wonder there's no money left in the pot to actually care for people.

Have you tried contacting Headway directly as they may have a way of re-using the equipment or be able to point you in the right direction rather than destroy what would appear to be a perfectly serviceable peice of equipment.

Good luck in your search for a recipient for your truely generouds offer.

Kindest regards



i assume you found a home for your equipment if not please let me know

did you by any chance find any where that deals in second hand diasabled peoples equipment as we have some things



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