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Walking again

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Coming up to five months post injury I havehemiplegia complete left sided paralysis as a result of my brain injury for the last two days I walked 20 metres for the first time todaysupported by my physios I am so unbelievably happy never thought I would reach this point only two months ago I was still being hoist transferred ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE would anyone else like to share their walking journey I’d love to hear Them

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That’s great news Cwar, well done! Wishing you well on the rest of your brain injury journey, you’ve got this!

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Cwar90 in reply to Broken_Doll

Thanks so much I have got this xx

Isn't that the BEST feeling ! Onwards and Upwards Cwar…… x

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Cwar90 in reply to cat3

Thanks so much! Go again tomorrow!!

Yay! Good for you! Great news. I hope your recovery goes from strength to strength. 🙂

Congratulations, that's fantastic news. I had a stroke mimic a few years back and couldn't walk for a bit due to left-sided weakness. I had to re-learn to walk a bit at a time and I found my confidence was damaged as well so for a while I needed support all the time. Eventually though I did improve and now walking almost as if it never happened. Very best of luck for your continued improvement x

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Brilliant! Well done. Keep going. 🙂

Thank you for your reply to be honest my confidence is half the battle I think it’s because we don’t normally have to think about how we actually walk and I don’t fully trust my left leg I’m starting to believe in myself after another really positive session today I’ve just got to go it over and over again and make it routine like

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I was told "What makes you think you will walk again" by 1 of my BIT team. So 9 years on and I gradually have built up to walking. First of was shuffling my feet to music. I was like a kid so hubby got me an electric foot pedal and I cycled in my chair aided with electric foot pedal, also done leg movements, Bang ..They got a young girl in who didn't know what she was doing and forces my legs apart, put all her weight on me I heard a crunch, crackle and felt a bone in my groin go. Back to square one rested up went back to as was when in hospital. Got a letter from BIT Team saying she has left me walking ..Pardon lol so my Hubby put pen to paper and said in "3 days she has put my wifes walking back to square one" my groin really hurt so rested up saw my Doc as good as a 9 bob note..rest it he said I told him "no option I am in agony" hence back to wheelchair. Can now walk a bit but then back goes and a pain in cheek. Better now so it is restart time again. I have my dignity back and walk not very far but it is walking. Good luck Cwar we'll have a race 25 step walking race xx

Hi Cwar, this is brilliant news congratulations. You have every right to be proud of yourself ☺

As for other peoples stories, my wife became fully paralysed on her left side from June 2018 I saw it happen slowly over the space of 4months to the point of me carrying her to bed, toileting, washing her. At the time the GP said it was a bad case of vertigo. What it actually was, was an undiagnosed brain tumor and severe hydrocephalus.

Anyway, straight after her surgery in Novemner 2018 during recovery in ICU the phyisios were working with her even in a comatose state, 3 months later she was taking her first steps in hospital and 5months later with the help of specialist physios at Hobbs rehab she was walking unaided, with a good level of fitness and full movememt in her body. Rehab is continuing at home with our daily lives and we make walking outside in nature everyday a priority, its good for the muscles,the mind and the soul.

Congrats on your improvements and keep going! Your doing brilliantly.



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