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After having ridden twice, with my RDA teacher, she has been taken into ICU. I'm not sure what's wrong with her!

I have communicated via a cell phone with messages. I think her daughter has been updating from her phone!

I have made up my mind NOT to carry on with horses. The other instructor will charge £32, and for something I am not really enjoying, it's too much money for me to spend.

Maybe as I get stronger, and possibly working again, I may take it up again.

I am busy helping my sister and my niece with their riding, so am still involved with horses in that way. That's ok!

I am much happier in the swimming pool, and canoeing, and helping out at Headway. I have even been doing a bit of teaching there - swimming help, and technology stuff!

I am getting a much deeper satisfaction doing that! 😃😉

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That is worrying about you instructor however her not currently able to be there for your lessons seems to have helped you to make a considered decision about continuing with horse riding. I know it used to be your passion before your accident however it is understandable that now that may not be the activity for you to enjoy anymore for a few reasons. Sounds like you have several other things that you are doing that are giving you pleasure and satisfaction. Enjoy!!


Thanks! 😉😀


Hi Nutkin,

I hope your riding instructor is soon recovered.

I can see you enjoy horses and hope it's not just the set back with your nstructor that has put you off. I say that because I get a bit of a mixed message in you say you don't really enjoy the riding but then say you may go back to it later.

I think it's great you get so much satisfaction from helping with the swimming and tech stuff.

I used to teach trampolining and the reward of seeing the pupils faces as they complete their first somersault or get a medal in a competition was amazing. The competitions were always graded to suit age and ability and we always made sure that the pupils were supported and taught that trying their best was more important than winning.

Some of the clubs would let their pupils leave as soon as they'd finished competing whilst we used to make it a strict rule that (apart from extenuating circumstance) they all had to stay to the end of the competition day to support and encourage those that were taking part later in the day. It was a way of making sure everyone new that everyone else in the club was just as important as each other.

Do what you enjoy and take pleasure from all you do.



Thanks Geoff.

I think I was only riding cos my instructor wanted me to try real horses after the mechanical horse. I really respected her, so don't really want to try for anyone else.

I am a qualified riding instructor myself, so am used to teaching, so the other instruction comes easy to me.

Thanks so much for you encouragement.

Debs 😀😀😉


Hi Debs

I know how you feel about the teaching bit.

I tried going back to teaching trampoline after I folded my knee the wrong way when playing on the trampoline pre-session but after a year gave up both teaching and judging because I couln't stop getting on and bouncing around (it's like an addiction) causing even more damage to the knee.

Do hope so much than you can get back to what you enjoy and as for the swimming I'm sure that your efforts are appreciated far more than you realise.

Geoff :-) :-)


I think I am appreciated. Thanks !! 😉😀


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