Big Charity Swim

I think I'm just about recovered now. that was sooooo much harder than I expected, I was fighting the wetsuit most of the way, ended up doing nearly all of on it my back. Took me 35 mins which I thought was ok, would have been quicker without the wetsuit, but didn't feel cold at all. It was a beautiful day and glad I did it, thanks to everyone for your support, couldn't have done it without you, especially my long-suffering husband, although we did enjoy the break from home, only overnight, but a break nonetheless. Photos are on my fundraising page link, no need for donations just have a smile at the unflattering pictures, my son says I look a lot happier before than after, I couldn't wait to get the suit off, I felt sick and wobbly, but was fine 15mins later. There were members of the Headway team there and it was extremely well organised, but will have to fine tune my swimming technique before I think of doing anything like it again. Funny, I didn't give my symptoms a thought while I was swimming, too busy concentrating on not drowning!!!! Thanks again everyone Love Janet xxxxxx

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  • Hi Janet,

    This is fantastic, I'm so glad things went well and it's an amazing achievement.

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your supporters for the money you've raised for us - it makes a huge difference and allows us to continue our work.

    Best wishes,


  • You are all so welcome, it was an achievement for me and this organisation is so worthwhile, my pleasure!!!!!! Janet

  • Brilliant. I've just looked in to see if there's any word from you and here you are. I'm glad you didn't drown, Janet, and seriously well done for facing such a challenge. I bet the atmosphere there was great; It looks like a lovely place and the water is so blue. You are now in my photo album......lovely lady.

    Hope you're recovered by now; I'm sure this will be a treasured memory. Well done again girl ! (And as you said -- well done to that husband of yours for the chauffeuring and support. :-) Love cat. xxx :-)

  • Thanks Cat, I'm still recovering, I slept all the way home from Rutland, now I 've got my sights on what we can do to provide ourselves with a meeting place just so we can socialise a bit, more thought needed, I'll keep the thinking cap on as I rest this week xxxxx Janet

  • Don't be over-thinking that Janet. Just if&when the mood takes you, it's a possibility. I know there'll be the need to synchronize our off days and other stuff but if you can make it to Rutland and swim 500mtrs I'm sure I can make it to somewhere in your area for a coffee. Rest for a while & we'll speak soon ? xx

  • Just spoke to my sister about my tendency to run before I can walk with things, and I'm learning to sit on things now, so over the next few months am going to think about sorting things to help those of us out that we can, this weekend taught me there is life after brain injury just not as we knew it! So, things will get done but slowly, with lots of rest inbetween, I've got loads of things I want to make for family for Christmas this year, so better get started, will speak again soon xxxx

  • Congrats Janet...that is quite something. Rest earned it!

  • that is good news and very very well done indeed, you must be so proud of yourself, we are x

  • Thanks to both of you, I was like a dog with two tails on Sunday xxx

  • Wow, that a huge step in the right direction. Good job!

  • Thanks BSA, hope you get sorted with the meds, must be difficult for/with your parents, know how I'd feel if it was one of my children, it's difficult to let go you know, particularly if your children are hurting in any way, it's only as I've got older that I understand what I put my parents through, but that's life, and we all have to make our own way through it, as you stabilise I'm hopeful, they'll be able to relax more. Best wishes, Love Janet xxxxx

  • That's brilliant Janet. Well done. You are a really inspiration X

  • Thanks Betty, hope you're getting on ok xxx

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